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4 Easy Ways to Get the Most Out of PE Impact Reports from Amaven

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As most schools know, the Primary PE and Sport Premium will continue until 2019. It’s not clear, at this point, whether funding will extend any further. So, it’s up to educators to make the most of a doubled spending pot right now, this year.

It’s easy to forget the PE and Sport Premium delivers more than cash. With rigorous evidencing, it becomes easy to identify where PE teaching excels, meets targets or falls short. On the back of these insights, department heads, teachers and assistants have the knowledge to invest wisely.

The Benefits of PE Impact Reports from Amaven

Our Healthy Schools Programme enables year round reporting. It’s a complete system for monitoring and improving physical literacy and motor skills development. So, working with Amaven is about more than ticking the boxes for funding. It just so happens that our tools and resources are great for evidencing your premium spend as well. 

As schools use Amaven, their pupil scores, grades and results get uploaded to an interactive database. From this live hub, we take pupil performance in PE and sports and turn it into actionable reports. They provide a detailed account of individual, class and whole school progress. Our reports are your shortcut to a seamless PE and Sport Premium submission:  

How to Use Our Impact Reports in Your April Submission

In April, schools receiving the premium must publish a spending document on their website. Click here to read our blog on what to include.

Here’s some tips on using our Impact Reports to improve your submission. 

1. Get Ahead of the Game

The April submission is compulsory for funded schools. In any case, tracking the impact of PE and sports spending is always beneficial. Our Impact Reports are available all year and can be used, at any time, to inform decisions on teaching, training, provisions and more.

If you monitor performance all the time, everything you need for evidencing is right there in your hands.

2. Include Descriptive Data

The best reports on physical activity contain more than just dry statistics. Your school’s purchases should be backed up by hard data (scores, grades, stats and other results). Numbers, however, are better for justifying than demonstrating.

We encourage schools to include descriptive content generated by surveys and quizzes on the Amaven portal.

3. Use a Clear Rating System

Many schools use what’s known as a ‘RAG’ rating system. It stands for Red, Green, Amber and it’s just a way of categorising goals. Amaven uses Emerging, Expected and Exceeding to represent how a pupil, class, or year group is progressing. Our Impact Reports make it clear whether a subject is below average (emerging), on target (expected), or above average (exceeding).

You can use these scores to demonstrate the value of your PE purchases.

4. Evidence Smarter, Not Harder

The best piece of advice we can give schools is not to sweat the small stuff. Reporting is just an administrative process. It’s smart, impactful spending that really counts. So, let our Impact Reports handle the heavy lifting. They come prefilled with useful data about PE and sports performance at your school. All reports are anonymised.

Upload them directly to your website as part of PE and Sport Premium submissions. Or, add your own details and insights first.   

If you’d like to know more, call us on +44 (0)161 300 9172. Or, use the live chat tool to send us an instant message.

Join our Healthy Schools Programme, it's Free

We want every child to be healthy, active and full of life; that’s why we’ve launched the Amaven Healthy Schools Programme. The aim is to increase physical activity in schools and provide pupils with a deeper understanding of PE and the fundamental movement skills. Along with free access to Amaven software you'll receive:

  • PE Challenge Day run by Amaven Coaches
  • Onsite and online CPD for all the class teachers
  • Impact reports
  • How to use lesson plans effectively
  • Home activities for each pupil
  • Obesity and health and wellbeing strategy

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