Affordable and sustainable packages to suit any school size

Software License

Allows you to access your school’s private online portal and view assessment results and pupil data.

Setup and technical support

We provide on-going support via email and phone.

Lesson plans

High-quality lesson plans for Key Stages 1 and 2 which are designed to complement the PE curriculum.

Home activity plans

Personalised exercise modules to do at home to improve identified strengths and weaknesses

Sport premium impact report

We produce a high-quality report detailing the effect Amaven has had on your school every quarter and is available to download as a PDF.

Pupil assessments (per year)

Amaven coaches will conduct unique assessments at the beginning of every term to track progress and change.

In school CPD days

We upskill teachers to confidently deliver outstanding PE while continuing their own professional development

PE co-delivery days
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Prices based on a school having 100 pupils

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  1. Why are assessments important?

    Assessments help us to identify strengths and weaknesses of each pupil and are essential in the creation of personalised home activity plans. These will accelerate the physical development of each child and increase their confidence to participate in sports and PE. The assessments help us to monitor and report on the impact the school is having on the physical literacy on every child.

  2. How often does each pupil get assessed?

    Every pupil is assessed once each term. We recommend that one PE lesson per term is set aside for assessments. If you have subscribed to our Premium or Ultimate packages our assessors will conduct these with you.

  3. How are assessments done?

    Assessments consist of pupils performing specific movements and activities. These can be a mixture of time taken, how many times they can perform a certain movement in set time, questionnaires or observations. Instructed by the Amaven coaches, all pupils will be assessed at the same time over one school day, depending on how many pupils attend your school.

    Each child’s results will then be recorded and logged into the system against their profile. Over time, this data will make it easy to measure improvement on a pupil, class and even school level.

  4. How do we place an order?
    Email or call us on 0161 300 9172
  5. How do we pay?

    Once your school portal is set up we will send you an invoice based on the package you choose.

  6. How easy is it to cancel?
    The Amaven licence is on a rolling 12-month agreement. If you wish to cancel you need to let us know one month prior to the start of the new school year. Just call one of the team on 0161 300 9172 or email us at
  7. What does an in school CPD session include?

    CPD sessions will upskill teachers and give them the confidence to deliver high quality PE. We will explain the science behind long term athletic development and the fundamental movement skills, while exploring the importance of personalised learning. In addition, we will also ensure teachers can access lesson plans and build reports to demonstrate how pupils have progressed.

  8. Can we add more classes and pupils?

    You can add, remove and edit classes and pupils as required at the click of a button.