What are fitness components?

Amaven Fitness Components

The true application to any fitness or conditioning programme is to understand the needs of the individual.  By using the assessments in the Amaven software the trainer and client will receive a clear strategy of which fitness component(s) to focus upon.  This underpins the concept of personal training, and allows the personal trainer to motivate the client through regular updates, further assessments and the client achieving personal bests and long-term goals.

The Fitness Components that can be measured using the Amaven software include:

  • Strength – Strength is defined by “the ability of a muscle or a group of muscles to exert a force against a resistance.” Maintaining or improving individual strength levels are essential, as strength is the prerequisite to other bio-abilities including agility, acceleration, speed and power. 
  • Joint Stability – “the ability to stabilise joints within the axis of rotation”. Through specific exercises the body can learn both static and dynamic joint stability which will transfer into movement efficiency and reduce injury rates. 
  • Posture – “the position where the body starts and ends”. Improving optimal posture is a vital part of overall fitness and performance.  Learning how to keep optimal posture in exercises will transfer to all aspects of movements in sports and general physical activity. 
  • Agility – “the ability to change direction quickly”. In competitive sports all top athletes demonstrate high-levels of agility which has been developed through specific strength and plyometric exercises. 
  • Stamina (endurance) – “the ability to sustain prolonged physical effort”. Endurance can be either prolonged effort or repeated efforts.  Through assessing and understanding the demands of the sport or goal the correct energy systems can be trained to maximize performance. 
  • Flexibility - “the range of motion at a particular joint". Through specific stretching methods this can improve the range of motion and transfer into enhancing overall mobility. 
  • Mobility incorporates the above flexibility at each joint and is the overall motion within the actual movement, commonly referred to as the kinetic chain.  Individuals can have too little or too much mobility which can have a consequence on performance and increase the risk of injury. 
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Amaven's model of fitness is a unique, trainer-approved methodology. It provides the fundamentals of physical literacy and helps create healthy, conditioned individuals.
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