Athlete Performance Management System

Deliver LTAD and S&C programmes to a large number athletes efficiently

Athlete Performance Management Platform helps coaches to deliver a LTAD and S&C programme efficiently to a large number of athletes across all age groups playing different sports.

  • Automated session generator saves time 

  • Monitor athlete adherence and progress

  • Online management portal for coaches

  • Training App for all athletes

  • Testing and profiling to identify sport readiness

Train Athletes Effortlessly With APMS

We get athletes sport ready.

We reduce overuse injuries and burn out. 

We help to develop independent and healthy athletes.

Support Your Athletes The Right Way

Sports academies have reported both the benefits and importance of a long-term athletic development framework (LTAD) and S&C in preparation for all sports.  

A well-structured LTAD should include the different modes of strength & conditioning, and phases of training, which young athletes should follow.  

A long-term athletic development framework starts with the development of general physical attributes to prepare the young athletes for more specific training as they mature. 

Online Portal For Coaches

Athlete Performance Management System consists of a Portal for the coaching team and an App for the athletes. 

The portal allows the coaching staff to:

  • Identify players who are sport ready

  • Monitor players training history

  • Modify training sessions 

  • Input test results and generate reports

  • Communicate with players

Athlete Training App

The Player App allows the athlete to take control of their own training:

  • Training calendar

  • Self-testing and tracking progress

  • Log exercise history with RPE, Reps, Loads, Distance and Time

  • Communicate with their coaches

  • Search for specific exercises 

Athlete Profiling

An athlete is profiled using the following data:

  • Age and maturation 

  • Phase of training 

  • Needs of the athlete 

  • Experience level 

  • Training age

  • Gold Strandard Test Scores

LTAD and S&C sessions

The system can automatically generate and deliver personalised LTAD and S&C sessions based on athlete's profile.

Alternatively The S&C coach can design and deploy highly personalised sessions using our extensive video exercise library.

We deliver the following training modalities:

  • Strength

  • Power

  • Plyometrics

  • Sprinting

  • Metabolic conditioning 

Choose a Plan





  • Up to 100 Athletes
  • Access for 2 coaches
  • Periodised S&C sessions
  • Full access to video library 
  • Training and support


One consultation with our S&C coach to get you started.


£100 per month

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  • Up to 200 Athletes
  • Unlimited coaches
  • Periodised S&C sessions
  • Full access to video library
  • Training and support


One consultation with our S&C team each month.


£150 per month

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  • Up to 300 Athletes
  • Unlimited coaches
  • Periodised S&C sessions
  • Full access to video library
  • Training and support


One consultation with our S&C team each month.


£200 per month

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  • More than 300 Athletes
  • Unlimited coaches
  • Periodised S&C sessions
  • Full access to video library
  • Training and support


Consultations with our S&C team.


Price upon request 

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We support you further with additional services!

Access to our network of S&C coaches

Onsite or offsite athlete testing days

Design of bespoke training sessions

A fully managed S&C service

Training and Support

Our S&C team will provide full training to get you started quickly and provide ongoing support during business hours.

The coaching portal also has a full set of training videos to help you with the most common tasks. 

Success stories

Recently we have purchased their new S&C training app and have been incredibly impressed with the quality of the offering. The onboarding process via Zoom (to over 100 girls) was seamless, with the team providing additional support to our injured athletes. The app is full of high quality drills along with the ability for the girls to self test their physical performance. I highly recommend this service to any aspiring young netballer.
Patricia Balcombe, Surrey County Netball Officer
During the recent lockdowns we were desperate for an effective remote service for all our youth athletes, and the APMS app has provided everything we could hope for. Being able to check on who is using the app and when, we could see that adherence was high, further demonstrating the quality of the offering. Post lockdown, we are continuing to use the app to programme all of our athletes.
Mikki Austin, Director of netball, Surrey Storm