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Key Features

School Portal

A branded school portal housing your programme resources.

Dance Move of the Day

Dance themed videos to get pupils energised before lessons. Watch a video every day to learn new moves.

Wellness Bulletins

Weekly emails for teachers containing healthy living tips, ideas and advice. Great for sharing with parents.

Health & Obesity Strategy

A strategic plan for tackling obesity. Includes advice on upskilling staff to better deliver health and wellness initiatives. 

Physical Education Policy

A detailed PE policy to help your school meet curriculum requirements.

Early Years Resources

A bespoke scheme of work for younger children with animal characters and dynamic storyboards.

PE & Sports Training

A library of PE and sports training videos. Improve the delivery and impact of PE and sports with bitesize modules.

Impact Reports

Use pupil assessments and surveys to create Impact Reports. Share with parents, governors and inspectors. Ideal for PE & Sport Premium.

PE Lesson Plans

PE Lesson Plans for Early Years, KS1 & KS2. Interactive videos help teachers deliver lessons with confidence. 

Home Activities

Children must be active for 60mins/day. Home Activities provide opportunities for extracurricular physical activity. 

Parent Emails

Healthy living starts at home. Engage parents with content on healthy eating, active play, sports and more.

Healthy Eating Ideas

Support healthy eating initiatives with resources on nutritious food, sugar reduction, healthy lunchboxes and more. 

Emotional Wellbeing Surveys

Invite pupils and parents to participate in wellness surveys. Identify pupils who need extra support. 

Support & Training

Talk to our support team in school hours. Email, phone or live chat.

School App - COMING SOON!

Give parents fast access to Home Activities & secure payment options for lunches, trips and sports clubs.

Healthy Heroes

Join our Healthy Heroes as they battle inactivity, sugar, low self-esteem and other harmful habits to help pupils live happy, healthy lives. 

Mini Yo!

Yoga workouts for Early Years and KS1. Watch our dancer use yoga poses to tell a story. Can pupils learn the moves and complete the story? 

Mindfulness Learning

Discover the power of mindfulness with expert advice and resources on thoughtful eating, positive thinking, confidence building and more. 

Movement Skills

Guided physical activity videos to help pupils develop a broad range of fundamental movement skills. Use to plan and support PE lessons.

PE Planner

Unique PE planning tool to support PE Coordinators as they plan, schedule and monitor curriculum PE lessons.

Wellness Kickstart Day

Upon joining premium members are entitled to a free Wellness Kickstart Day. This is a launch event delivered by our Health Mentors. 

It involves classroom activities, PE skill assessments, CPD sessions and more to Kickstart your Healthy Schools Programme..

Download a Wellness Kickstart Day Guide for a full event schedule. 

'Get Active' Assembly

Our Health Mentor brings staff and pupils together to explain the purpose of Wellness Kickstart Day. Includes a 'Rise & Shine' activity session.

Active 'Wellness' Lessons

Interactive lessons on healthy habits, nutrition, physical activity and mindfulness. Includes props, games and activities to engage pupils.

Active Assessment

A PE assessment w/PECO's class. Includes a tutorial on delivering Impact Reports and future assessments. Requires TA to be present. 

Early Years PE Lesson

Early Years PE lesson designed by our in-house EYFS specialist. Features the adventures of Bertie Bunny.


Meeting with the Head

A 20min meeting with the head and PE/Health & Wellbeing Coordinator. Explains the impact of Wellness Kickstart Day and how to maximise its value.

After School CPD

After hours CPD to show all staff how to use the portal, access key resources, generate Impact Reports, etc. 

Our first round of assessments with Amaven are nearly complete. Staff have been impressed with the process and visits from Chris have been enjoyable for the pupils. The online portal is simple to navigate and the lesson plans available are detailed. The pupil reports, showing physical literacy levels, enable you to pick out children who are in need of a challenge or a greater level of support. At a whole school level, these reports have already allowed us to identify areas for improvement. We are looking forward to the next round of fitness challenges, after which some of our pupils will hopefully see their scores improve.
Clare Moore
PE Co-ordinator, Heybrook Primary School
Contact Clare >
The children have really enjoyed the first assessment day and the staff and parents are keen to see the results of the second assessment day. It is an important tool to get a clear picture of each child’s physical development from a young age. The team at Amaven have also been very helpful by quickly fixing any issues we had with the system and they are always on hand to help us out if we need any assistance.
Gill Pryor
PE Coordinator, Trewirgie Infant School
Contact Gil >
Our initial assessment day was well organised by the visiting coaches and thoroughly enjoyed by both pupils and teachers. The data that we have received is fantastic! You can easily see how each pupil is doing from the spidergraphs and find out which pupils need additional support. We are looking forward to the second assessment day, after which we will be able to compare results and identify progress made. Our pupils like that they can access the home activities online and by raising awareness of how they can improve, we are already beginning to see a positive impact on how they are doing in their PE lessons.
Lisa French
PE Subject Leader, Northbrook Primary School
Contact Lisa >
The Amaven system has helped our pupils to improve their fitness and provided our teachers with an extra boost of confidence delivering PE. After the PE assessment day, we could view the results of the whole school. This is very useful for the teachers to see how their class is doing at a glance, as well as having access to individual pupil reports which they can share with parents. The PE lesson plans are helpful for our PE staff and the home activities ensure that each pupil is staying active when they are out of school. We have high hopes for the progress our pupils will make as we continue to use Amaven.
Mr N Gurman
Head teacher, St Mary's CE Primary School
Contact [bean:field-user-role:field_first_name] >
The Amaven system makes it so easy to see our school’s fitness and physical literacy levels. Five classes have been tested and we are really impressed with the results and how they are displayed on our school’s portal on Amaven. The dashboard includes graphics which easily display the data, for example the highest performing classes, aswell as demonstrating how many children fall into the emerging, expected and exceeding categories. I find the reports particularly useful, you can download in depth reports for individual pupils, classes or for the whole school. We are looking forward to showing parents this evidence at parents’ evenings and when it comes to reporting pupil progress at the end of term, as well as providing evidence for our school’s sport premium funding.
Tom Feighan
Sports Leader, St Mary’s RC Primary
Contact Tom >
We are really excited to use the Amaven system to improve the health and wellbeing of our school. The coaches delivered an excellent PE assessment day which measured our pupils across a range of key movement skills. The children enjoyed doing the assessments and the coaches offered after school PPD for our teachers to train them to use the system. We can log in to our school’s portal and access pupil data at any time which makes it easy to measure and track progress for individual students, as well as separate classes or groups, and get a clear picture of where every child is at physically.
James Chagas
PE Coordinator, Lostock Hall Community Primary School
Contact James >

Welcome to the Amaven Healthy Schools Programme

Children need to learn how their bodies work, why physical and mental health is important and what it means to eat a healthy diet. They need opportunities to develop competency at playing sports and pursue physical activities that are engaging and enjoyable.

Our Health and Wellbeing Programme supports teachers and parents as they guide children to adopt healthy lifestyles and the skills needed to achieve them. Your school can implement a whole school health programme with our cross curricular programme that is fully compatible with PE, RSE, PSHE, Science and Design and Technology curriculums.

To get started, please complete a membership form and book a short demonstration. After joining, your school will start receiving FREE weekly classroom and home activities to get pupils active, learning about healthy eating and practising mindfulness.

Our Premium membership provides your school with a full set of resources to implement a robust health and wellbeing curriculum and measure its impact.

Here are some of the key features: 

  • A Wellness Kickstart Day Delivered By Our Health Mentor
    A launch event for the Healthy Schools Programme delivered at your school alongside qualified experts.
  • Measure, Track and Report Impact for Every Pupil
    Use a variety of assessment, reporting and survey tools to generate data on pupils' progress and share results with governors and parents. 
  • Learn Fundamental Movement Skills through Dance and Yoga
    A library of dance and yoga themed resources to help pupils develop and improve their coordination, balance and agility. 
  • Home Activity Videos to Embed Active Lifestyles
    Easy to follow video sessions provide opportunities for extracurricular physical activity and skills development. 
  • PE Lesson Plans to Help Non-Specialist Staff
    Get access to a library of PE lesson plans for Early Years, KS1 and KS2 classes. Includes video tutorials to help non-specialists deliver PE with confidence. 
  • Early Years Activity Lesson Plans
    We provide schools with activities, lesson plans and assessment frameworks suitable for Early Years classes.
  • PE and Sport Premium Impact Reports
    Create Sport Premium compliant reports using our assessment and attainment monitoring tools. Anonymised and suitable for sharing. 
  • Ongoing PE & Sports CPD for Non-Specialist Teachers
    A library of PE and sports training videos. Improve the delivery and impact of PE and sports with practical, bitesize CPD modules. 
  • Learn Healthy Eating and Mindfulness through Games
    Promote healthy eating and mindful behaviours with themed printables, games, videos and activities. Get advice on sugar, healthy lunches, resilience, coping skills and more.  
  • Wellness Bulletins for Teachers and Parents
    Get 'ready to use' wellbeing advice and fun learning resources for home and the classroom. Easy to download, print and share.
  • Obesity Strategy Template
    Use our template to create a strategic plan for tackling obesity. Identify and adopt best practice in the following areas: (1) promote Healthy Active Lifestyles (2) increase the impact of PE and sports (3) upskill staff to teach and promote Healthy Active Lifestyles. 
  • Physical Education Policy
    We provide schools with a detailed PE policy and targets to match 2014 DfE National Curriculum requirements. 

Your school can use part of your PE and Sport Premium funding as you will be making sustainable improvements to the quality of physical education (PE), physical activities and sports you offer.

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Success stories

It [Wellness Kickstart Day] was a great day, the children had a lot of fun and Harri [the Amaven coach] was good with his delivery.
Luis do Nascimento
PE Coordinator, Furness Primary School
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It [Amaven] is thought provoking and provided us with clear evidence for PE assessment.
PE Coordinator
Mundesley Junior
Contact [bean:field-user-role:field_first_name] >
As an assessment tool, it seems to be a great programme and the more able learners were well engaged with it.
Miss Sunita Evans
PSHE Leader, Lillington Nursery & Primary School
Contact [bean:field-user-role:field_first_name] >