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Detailed Player Profiles

For sports coaches, recognising talent is only half the job. Natural ability requires cultivation and careful monitoring is a big part of the process. Fortunately, with our fitness tracking tools, player performance is never in doubt.

In conjunction with clubs and academies, Amaven builds detailed fitness profiles for young athletes. Our Online Portal collates, stores, and presents player data in a secure digital format. From this central hub, it's easy to view team progress, set targets, and generate tailored advice based on individual needs. 

The Online Portal is shaped by weekly coaching routines. Every time players are drilled or tested, their scores get added to the database. This leaves coaches with a record of progress that is always true and accurate. The information can be viewed, edited, displayed, and shared in a variety of ways.  

Features Include:

  • Access to Amaven Content

  • Up to Date Player Profiles

  • Tracking & Visualisation Tools

  • Build Bespoke Training Plans

Onsite Assessments

Our player profiles are based on real data, from active coaching sessions. They grow and develop alongside athletes, as their sporting skills evolve. For this to work, both teams and individual players need a baseline score. Progress is monitored by comparing successive results to this starting point.

We create this baseline by hosting a skills session at the club or academy. Activities vary depending on the type of sports team, but kicking, catching, passing, and sprinting feature prominently. With a score for every task, pinpointing strengths and weaknesses is simple.

The skills session is led by Amaven coaches. They are experts in the field of youth sport and an invaluable source of advice when it comes to using the Online Portal. During their visit, we encourage players and mentors to ask plenty of questions. 

Perks Include: 

  • Enjoy a Skills Day with Amaven

  • Identify Strengths & Weaknesses

  • New Drills, Games, & Techniques

  • Help Setting Up Your Online Portal 


Dashboards and Data

After baseline scores have been established, team coaches are free to access the data and explore its possibilities. Uploading new results is a great way to expand its scope and create a more detailed record of performance.

Whether Amaven hosts additional skills sessions or coaches test independently, the data says a lot about the needs of players. It identifies high performers, highlights those who require extra support, charts team progress, and logs key objectives, to name a few benefits.

Coaches get full administrative access to the Online Portal. From here, they can print reports, send letters to parents, share results with sponsors, and review progress using graphs, charts, and other visual aids. It also opens opportunities for personalised training programmes. 

Features Include:

  • Fully Customisable Dashboards
  • Reporting & Presenting Templates
  • Share Data with Parents & Sponsors
  • Access to Video Content 
Parental Engagement

We think it's important to recognise the contributions of parents and carers. After all, they're the ones who pay for academy memberships, wash sports kits, and ferry players to matches. They can also be a great asset when it comes to managing behaviour and getting the most out of young athletes.

The Online Locker Room is a part of our coaching portal. Coaches keep administrative control, but parents can log in and view data relating to their child. This includes training scores, test results, progress reports, and home activity plans. 

Parents can get involved by helping their child with Home Activity challenges. Once tasks are complete, they get checked off and added to a record of progress. We also write newsletters for parents on behalf of clubs and academies. They offer advice on nutrition, exercise, emotional health, and lots more. 

Perks Include:

  • Progress Tracking Tools

  • Home Activity Videos

  • Regular Newsletters & Advice

  • Full Transparency for Parents


Home Activities

Even for the best coaches, time management is a challenge. Extracurricular sport must work around school and family routines. So, it tends to be limited to 1-2 hours per week for kids aged thirteen and under. It's not easy to ensure every player gets a fair amount of focus.

It's why our coaching platform includes Home Activities. These fun, fast paced videos are designed to support training sessions. They guide young athletes through supplementary drills and exercises as a way to reinforce key lessons.

They're not a substitute for differentiated instruction, but they help coaches deliver consistent information and touch base with low maintenance players. Home activity plans are matched to the needs of the user. So, even a kid who demands little attention at practice is guaranteed valuable, relevant content. 

Features Include:

  • Helpful Prompts & Cues

  • Advice on Proper Form

  • Multiple Variations & Techniques 

  • Use Gym Apparatus or Improvise!

Motivating Young Athletes

There are so many great reasons to play sports. For children, the camaraderie that exists within competitive teams is hugely beneficial. It teaches loyalty, generosity, and collaboration. It builds strong bonds and a sense of belonging that goes beyond the school playground.

Competitive sport also nourishes the individual. Bodies get stronger, minds get sharper, and confidence blossoms. It'ss why Amaven works with coaches, clubs, and academies to deliver memorable, impactful training sessions.

We provide superior sporting experiences because, with the right motivation, we know youth players can achieve extraordinary things. It's just a matter of finding out what drives them, what sets their hearts on fire and keeps the passion burning. 

Intrinsic Motivation

Intrinsic motivation is the gold standard for coaches and players. It is limitless, immeasurable, and central to the success of every great athlete. Intrinsic rewards come from inside – they are created by confidence, ambition, and team spirit.

While competitive sport does offer tangible incentives (trophies, prizes, etc.) the desire to better oneself can pull an athlete through any amount of challenges. Strong teams are made up of people who want to be great all the time .

Coaches can motivate players by providing clear evidence of progress. The best way to do this is to commit to reliable monitoring systems. When scores and results are uploaded to a digital database, performance tracks itself. 

Extrinsic Motivation

This is the simplest form of motivation. It is driven by the promise of external rewards, such as trophies, prizes, and promotions. Athletes who are extrinsically motivated get their impetus from the accolades that come with winning.  

Extrinsic motivation is very powerful, but it should be viewed as a short-term incentive. This type of reward isn’t a true representation of talent. There are many reasons why teams miss out on trophies – other than performance. It’s just one aspect of competition.

The most successful athletes are those who play because they love their sport. Extrinsic success can take a long time to achieve. So, don’t lean too heavily on promises of sporting glory when trying to motivate players.

Tackling Amotivation

Amotivation refers to a lack of impetus and interest. The job of a coach is to prevent athletes from lingering in this emotional space. All players experience low confidence, but ‘bouncebackability’ is essential for success.

When players lack motivation, they start to doubt their abilities. They may doubt the value of what they're being asked to do. In both cases, progress monitoring is a good way to demonstrate the link between action and effect.

For example, the correlation between winning football matches and excellent attendance at training sessions. Youngsters need clear cut instruction. Where possible, provide evidence of exactly what happens when a team acts on feedback. 

The Feedback Sandwich

There are lots of different ways to motivate young players. As teams are made up of diverse personalities, coaches tend to use a combination of techniques.

The Feedack Sandwich is popular because it balances criticism with encouragement. Instead of starting with a negative comment and risking an unreceptive response, it sandwiches critical remarks between two positive comments.

This is particularly effective for under 13s, as it ensures the conversation is about moving forward, rather than compensating for mistakes. Specificity is essential. Don’t just say ‘good job.’ Name the action or achievement. 

We used to use Microsoft Excel to record player performance data but found it difficult to collaborate and share the intelligence with coaches and parents; Amaven has changed all that. Our coaches can profile the players easily with built in tests and we can demonstrate progress to the players and parents through the online locker. Our coaches now deliver informed training sessions based on the identified needs of the team. They believe they have the tools to maximise the potential of every child they coach. There has been a massive improvement in the results our teams now achieve. Best of all, the players and parents like the personalised home training plans provided by Amaven. Players love them and parents appreciate the extra support our Talent Centres provide to help their child with their development
Gareth Hamer
Head Coach, Stoke Talent Centre
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Become a Superstar Coach with Software from Amaven

There are few things as extraordinary as raw talent. Whether a child excels in the classroom, at after school clubs, or out on the sports field, natural skill is special.

It’s particularly valuable for physical fitness. Children who play sports live happier, healthier lives. They grow into confident young adults, with great social skills and an aptitude for decision making.

At Amaven, we want to make sure talent gets nurtured. It’s why we developed a digital platform for sports coaches. They represent the beating heart of youth academies and sports training facilities. So, our software gives them plenty of support.

With our dynamic platform, coaches can track the progress of players and deliver tailored training and advice. It’s easy to set up a profile for every young star and keep tabs on their personal journey.  

Key Features

  • Detailed Player Profiles

  • Discover Strengths and Weaknesses

  • Regular Progress Reports for Parents

  • Recommended Tests and Assessments

  • Personalised Home Training Plans

  • Session Plans for Coaches

If you’re interested in supercharging your sports sessions, there’s no time like the present.

Call Amaven on 0161 300 9172. Or, email us at to find out more and request a demo.   

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Success stories

It [Wellness Kickstart Day] was a great day, the children had a lot of fun and Harri [the Amaven coach] was good with his delivery.
Luis do Nascimento
PE Coordinator, Furness Primary School
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It [Amaven] is thought provoking and provided us with clear evidence for PE assessment.
PE Coordinator
Mundesley Junior
Contact [bean:field-user-role:field_first_name] >
As an assessment tool, it seems to be a great programme and the more able learners were well engaged with it.
Miss Sunita Evans
PSHE Leader, Lillington Nursery & Primary School
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