Amaven believes everybody has the ability to live a healthy life. With our unique fitness tracking software & services, it's easy to become your best self.

Our Mission

Amaven is a health and fitness company based in the UK.

It was founded by entrepreneurs PK Vaish and Sam Greenwood in 2013.

The goal is to make health and physical fitness attainable at all levels of society from primary schools to sporting academies, care homes, businesses, gyms, and more.

With the use of sophisticated tracking technologies, Amaven can help you take control of your health.

Our Story 

Amaven was founded by PK Vaish and Sam Greenwood in 2013 with guidance from an advisory board of experts from the exercise medicine, sport, fitness and healthcare sectors. 

Amaven started out as a platform to identify talented athletes in sports academies and schools, however the product changed when Sam and PK discovered that there was an unmet need, as primary school teachers were not equipped to teach children about healthy lifestyle choices, nor were they skilled enough to help children to develop the fundamental movement skills necessary for athletic ability. Amaven was created to meet this need, by upskilling teachers to teach outstanding PE lessons and giving children the tools to learn athletic skills at home.

There is also a missing gap in the Exercise Medicine, Fitness and Corporate Wellbeing sectors. Amaven guarantees that everyone receives the care they need; taking into age, ability and medical conditions. The platform is a cost effective and convenient tool that helps schools, sports clubs, health practitioners and employee wellbeing specialists to deliver outstanding care.

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Success stories

Robbie Jordan
PE Coordinator - Waterloo Primary Academy
A revolutionary assessment system that motivates children to strive for their highest potential.
Robbie Trimm
Founder, Pleiades Leisure
Book Pay Play system has improved our customer experience journey enormously. Parents can book easily whenever they want. We are able to sell out most of our programmes because we are able to market effectively. We have also improved our customer retention and revenue through cross selling
Matt Johnson
Managing Director, Sportscape
Our new online system has transformed the way we do business. Parents and players find the system easy to use and our coaches are now much happier because they can focus on coaching rather than having to handle payments and other queries.