Helping each player to maximise their full potential

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Player assessments for sports clubs underpin the success of the Amaven program; if you measure it, you can improve it. 

Amaven carriers out unique athletic assessments to measure and to identify the player's starting ability and skill level. These focus on the athletic make up and movement skills of a player that underpins their performance level. 

Amaven coaches will visit your sports academy, or club, to conduct assessments with individual players or in groups. Players will complete specific exercises and activities, such as changing direction, using both feet to control the ball, vertical jumps and many more. The results are then recorded in the Amaven system and logged against individual player profiles. Over time, this data makes it easy to track progress and measure improvement across an individual, team, or club level.  

Personalised Online Locker Room

Coaches, parents and children can access the results of the assessments via the personalised Online Locker Room, accessed through the Amaven system. 

This provides a visual analysis of the fitness components, clearly demonstrating the player's starting skill and ability level.  Fitness statistics are also displayed, so you can keep track of every aspect of the player’s wellbeing. 

Once each player’s results are logged in the system, personalised home activity plans are generated, which can be instantly accessed from the child’s Online Locker Room.  Click here to discover more about Amaven’s personalised home activity plans. 

Amaven can help your players succeed call our friendly team on 0161 300 9172 or email to request a demo. 

Designed by sports and fitness professionals in the UK, Amaven’s personalised home activity plans suggest exercises to improve the areas highlighted in the player’s fitness assessment, with a focus on developing fundamental and technical skills. This allows you to accelerate the athletic development of every player in your sports club. 

Home activity plans are vital for improvement, as children must practise away from their structured lessons in order to build up technique and skills. Repetition is also vital for developing technique, the most successful athletes practise individual skills until they are perfect. We include a variety of self-motivating exercises that help build self-esteem and encourage players to improve their performance.

Activity plans are fun and simple to follow , using clear video tutorials and written instructions, so children can easy complete the plans at home with parents, or while they are training with a coach.  

Parental engagement

Amaven involves parents every step of the way because we know that parental support is essential to the success of the program.

We send parents a letter which gives them a code to login to the system and access their child’s personal wellbeing profile whenever they like via the Online Locker Room. From here they will have access to the results of every assessment along with health and fitness statistics. They can also find and review their child’s home activity plans. We provide parents with a high-level of involvement so they can support their child throughout the entire fitness journey. 

For in-depth information about the assessments and training plans, please contact our team on 0161 300 9172 to request a demo.

Accelerate Player Development

Many players are struggling to reach their full potential due to limited access to player-centered athletic development programmes that incorporates exposure to movement skills, strength and SAQ training. As players develop and mature at a different rate, we need to ensure that their training programme meets their individual needs; something sports coaches and parents need support with. 

We used to use Microsoft Excel to record player performance data but found it difficult to collaborate and share the intelligence with coaches and parents; Amaven has changed all that. Our coaches can profile the players easily with built in tests and we can demonstrate progress to the players and parents through the online locker. Our coaches now deliver informed training sessions based on the identified needs of the team. They believe they have the tools to maximise the potential of every child they coach. There has been a massive improvement in the results our teams now achieve. Best of all, the players and parents like the personalised home training plans provided by Amaven. Players love them and parents appreciate the extra support our Talent Centres provide to help their child with their development
Gareth Hamer
Head Coach, Stoke Talent Centre
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Detailed fitness profiling

Amaven is an online PE platform that helps primary school children to become fitter, healthier and more active. Our expert PE programmes upskill teachers to deliver high quality PE and our home activity plans allow children to practise physical literacy in their own time. 

Our online system allows schools to measure, track and improve the fitness and the fundamental movements skills for each pupil. We provide PE lessons plans and personalised activity plans for every child which is in line with the school curriculum and inclusive of their age and ability. 

We produce high quality PE reports that can be used as evidence for how your school is spending Sport Premium funding.

Amaven is a unique low-cost online system to help clubs and coaches profile and develop players from an early age.

Clubs and coaches who use Amaven will be able to measure, track and improve each player’s current skills, athletic ability and fitness.

Success stories

Our teachers have felt more confident delivering PE lessons because the results show which pupils need extra help, which ones are maintaining fitness, and which are doing well ‘emerging’, ‘expected’ or ‘exceeding’. We have used the results to inform which children we select to represent our school in Rochdale schools sports competitions and have had better successes this year.
Emily Paterson
Sports Coordinator
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Our first round of assessments with Amaven are nearly complete. Staff have been impressed with the process and visits from Chris have been enjoyable for the pupils. The online portal is simple to navigate and the lesson plans available are detailed. The pupil reports, showing physical literacy levels, enable you to pick out children who are in need of a challenge or a greater level of support. At a whole school level, these reports have already allowed us to identify areas for improvement. We are looking forward to the next round of fitness challenges, after which some of our pupils will hopefully see their scores improve.
Clare Moore
PE Co-ordinator, Heybrook Primary School
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The children have really enjoyed the first assessment day and the staff and parents are keen to see the results of the second assessment day. It is an important tool to get a clear picture of each child’s physical development from a young age. The team at Amaven have also been very helpful by quickly fixing any issues we had with the system and they are always on hand to help us out if we need any assistance.
Gill Pryor
PE Coordinator, Trewirgie Infant School
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