Helping each player to maximise their full potential

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Improve long-term athletic development

Amaven is a unique low-cost online system to help clubs and coaches profile and develop players from an early age.

Clubs and coaches who use Amaven will be able to measure, track and improve each player’s current skills, athletic ability and fitness. 

Detailed fitness profiling

We use a player centred approach through detailed profiling of each player and providing appropriate video based drills and athletic training both for team training sessions and home-based training. Coaches would test each player every three months to identify the gaps in each player’s development and support their session planning decisions. Profiling players in this way also allows the coaches to evidence the improvement each player is making.

Amaven has been to designed to supplement limited face-to-face time players spend with coaches. The system supports each player’s development through personalised video-led home training sessions designed by leading football coaches and fitness professionals from the UK. Amaven also offers talented players pathways into the Junior Premier League based in the UK

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Success stories

The Amaven system has helped our pupils to improve their fitness and provided our teachers with an extra boost of confidence delivering PE. After the PE assessment day, we could view the results of the whole school. This is very useful for the teachers to see how their class is doing at a glance, as well as having access to individual pupil reports which they can share with parents. The PE lesson plans are helpful for our PE staff and the home activities ensure that each pupil is staying active when they are out of school. We have high hopes for the progress our pupils will make as we continue to use Amaven.
Mr N Gurman
Head teacher, St Mary's CE Primary School
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The Amaven system makes it so easy to see our school’s fitness and physical literacy levels. Five classes have been tested and we are really impressed with the results and how they are displayed on our school’s portal on Amaven. The dashboard includes graphics which easily display the data, for example the highest performing classes, aswell as demonstrating how many children fall into the emerging, expected and exceeding categories. I find the reports particularly useful, you can download in depth reports for individual pupils, classes or for the whole school. We are looking forward to showing parents this evidence at parents’ evenings and when it comes to reporting pupil progress at the end of term, as well as providing evidence for our school’s sport premium funding.
Tom Feighan
Sports Leader, St Mary’s RC Primary
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We are really excited to use the Amaven system to improve the health and wellbeing of our school. The coaches delivered an excellent PE assessment day which measured our pupils across a range of key movement skills. The children enjoyed doing the assessments and the coaches offered after school PPD for our teachers to train them to use the system. We can log in to our school’s portal and access pupil data at any time which makes it easy to measure and track progress for individual students, as well as separate classes or groups, and get a clear picture of where every child is at physically.
James Chagas
PE Coordinator, Lostock Hall Community Primary School
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