Helping Every Young Player Reach their Full Potential

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Player Profiles and Reports

When you work with Amaven, results are guaranteed.

With our robust tracking and monitoring tools, you’ll never be in the dark when it comes to performance.

Coaches can build detailed profiles for both teams and individual players. All data is collated and stored in a central system for easy access and analysis.

It’s easier than ever to assess, grade, and mould young athletes with tailored advice.

Onsite Assessments

After setting up a dedicated Online Portal, we’ll send a team of Amaven consultants to your academy. They get things started by assessing players and teaching coaches how to input and extract useful data from the tracking system.

The aim is to create a profile that baselines every player and informs their coach of any notable strengths and weaknesses.

This profile generates a training programme for each player.

Amaven believes all young people should have a chance to excel, but it’s important to provide the right direction and encouragement.

With our assessments, you can identify gifted athletes and make sure they are sufficiently motivated and inspired. You can also focus your attention on players who are underperforming.

Call 0161 300 9172 to get your personalised assessment schedule from Amaven.

Dashboards and Data

You decide how to collect, process, and display this player data. We just kick things off by creating the baseline profiles. In two months or two years, you can look back at our introductory assessment and measure your progress.

We don’t make static pieces of software.

The Amaven sports system is linked to weekly routines at your academy. It gets updated every time you add a new assessment or expand player profiles.

The dashboards and displays are fully customisable. You can toggle between group and individual data.

You can also create shareable reports. They’re great for keeping parents informed and updated. 

Fitness Coaching at Home

Even for the best coaches, time management is a challenge. It’s hard to give every player a fair amount of focus.

Fortunately, our software includes a Home Learning module. It provides support for academy sessions in the form of independent drills and exercises.

They are a great way to ensure players develop at an optimal rate and reach their full potential.

Every learner gets a custom development plan based on needs identified in early assessments. Parents are encouraged to get involved with these home assignments.

In fact, it would be great if they could discuss the importance of fitness with their child.

The Online Locker Room

We call our coaching database the Online Locker Room. From this portal, coaches get full control of all player data and profiles.

Parents can view information relating to their child. This is a great way to keep track of progress and stay informed about what’s happening during sports sessions.

All home activity plans can be accessed from the Online Locker Room.

To provide further support for parents, Amaven sends out a weekly newsletter from your Academy. It offers advice on nutrition, exercise, and the impact of sport on academic performance.

For information on player assessments and training plans from Amaven, contact the team on 0161 300 9172. 


Accelerate Player Development

Many players are struggling to reach their full potential due to limited access to player-centered athletic development programmes that incorporates exposure to movement skills, strength and SAQ training. As players develop and mature at a different rate, we need to ensure that their training programme meets their individual needs; something sports coaches and parents need support with. 

We used to use Microsoft Excel to record player performance data but found it difficult to collaborate and share the intelligence with coaches and parents; Amaven has changed all that. Our coaches can profile the players easily with built in tests and we can demonstrate progress to the players and parents through the online locker. Our coaches now deliver informed training sessions based on the identified needs of the team. They believe they have the tools to maximise the potential of every child they coach. There has been a massive improvement in the results our teams now achieve. Best of all, the players and parents like the personalised home training plans provided by Amaven. Players love them and parents appreciate the extra support our Talent Centres provide to help their child with their development
Gareth Hamer
Head Coach, Stoke Talent Centre
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At Amaven, we care about talent. It’s why we work with clubs and youth academies to find the next generation of sporting superstars.

With the support of our unique software, it’s easy to identify, monitor and nurture player progress.


Become a Superstar Coach with Software from Amaven

There are few things as extraordinary as raw talent. Whether a child excels in the classroom, at after school clubs, or out on the sports field, natural skill is special.

It’s particularly valuable for physical fitness. Children who play sports live happier, healthier lives. They grow into confident young adults, with great social skills and an aptitude for decision making.

At Amaven, we want to make sure talent gets nurtured. It’s why we developed a digital platform for sports coaches. They represent the beating heart of youth academies and sports training facilities. So, our software gives them plenty of support.

With our dynamic platform, coaches can track the progress of players and deliver tailored training and advice. It’s easy to set up a profile for every young star and keep tabs on their personal journey.  

Key Features

  • Detailed Player Profiles

  • Discover Strengths and Weaknesses

  • Regular Progress Reports for Parents

  • Recommended Tests and Assessments

  • Personalised Home Training Plans

  • Session Plans for Coaches

If you’re interested in supercharging your sports sessions, there’s no time like the present.

Call Amaven on 0161 300 9172. Or, email us at to find out more and request a demo.   

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Success stories

We take health and well-being seriously at our school and using Amaven has become part of our regular PE programme. The children enjoy doing the PE lessons and the home activity plans are a great way to fit more activity in every day. I am happy to recommend the system to schools and colleagues across Cheshire East and am looking forward to seeing even more improvements in pupil well-being this year.
Rebecca Jewitt
Head Teacher, Audlem St James C of E Primary School
Contact Rebecca >
Our teachers have felt more confident delivering PE lessons because the results show which pupils need extra help, which ones are maintaining fitness, and which are doing well ‘emerging’, ‘expected’ or ‘exceeding’. We have used the results to inform which children we select to represent our school in Rochdale schools sports competitions and have had better successes this year.
Emily Paterson
Sports Coordinator
Contact Emily >
Our first round of assessments with Amaven are nearly complete. Staff have been impressed with the process and visits from Chris have been enjoyable for the pupils. The online portal is simple to navigate and the lesson plans available are detailed. The pupil reports, showing physical literacy levels, enable you to pick out children who are in need of a challenge or a greater level of support. At a whole school level, these reports have already allowed us to identify areas for improvement. We are looking forward to the next round of fitness challenges, after which some of our pupils will hopefully see their scores improve.
Clare Moore
PE Co-ordinator, Heybrook Primary School
Contact Clare >