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Helping individuals of all generations to lead active, sporty and healthier lives

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  • Provide pupils with the opportunity to learn fundamental movement skills and lead healthy and active lives
  • Equip teachers with the confidence to deliver outstanding PE
  • Help every child reach their physical potential and excel in sport
  • Teachers can deliver informed learning based on real evidence

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  • Help individuals reach their full potential
  • Support long-term athletic development
  • Encourage self-awareness to increase performance
  • Improve player’s confidence
  • Develop transferable skills for multi-sports

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  • Plan and deliver personalised training plans easily
  • Service more clients remotely
  • Help clients to embark on a sustainable fitness regime
  • Prevent injury & train safely
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  • Identify and reduce risks of falls
  • Delay onset of frailty and improve wellbeing
  • Increase independent living
  • Rehabilitation programs to treat injuries
  • Personalised interventions and care

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  • Reduce employee absenteeism
  • Increase job satisfaction
  • Highlight risks and reduce illness
  • Encouraging healthy and sustainable lifestyles
  • Convenient, economically viable and discreet

Empower everybody to be stronger, fitter and more active

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Success stories

Our teachers have felt more confident delivering PE lessons because the results show which pupils need extra help, which ones are maintaining fitness, and which are doing well ‘emerging’, ‘expected’ or ‘exceeding’. We have used the results to inform which children we select to represent our school in Rochdale schools sports competitions and have had better successes this year.
Emily Paterson
Sports Coordinator
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Our first round of assessments with Amaven are nearly complete. Staff have been impressed with the process and visits from Chris have been enjoyable for the pupils. The online portal is simple to navigate and the lesson plans available are detailed. The pupil reports, showing physical literacy levels, enable you to pick out children who are in need of a challenge or a greater level of support. At a whole school level, these reports have already allowed us to identify areas for improvement. We are looking forward to the next round of fitness challenges, after which some of our pupils will hopefully see their scores improve.
Clare Moore
PE Co-ordinator, Heybrook Primary School
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The children have really enjoyed the first assessment day and the staff and parents are keen to see the results of the second assessment day. It is an important tool to get a clear picture of each child’s physical development from a young age. The team at Amaven have also been very helpful by quickly fixing any issues we had with the system and they are always on hand to help us out if we need any assistance.
Gill Pryor
PE Coordinator, Trewirgie Infant School
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