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Helping individuals of all generations to lead active, sporty and healthier lives

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  • Provide pupils with the opportunity to learn fundamental movement skills and lead healthy and active lives
  • Equip teachers with the confidence to deliver outstanding PE
  • Help every child reach their physical potential and excel in sport
  • Teachers can deliver informed learning based on real evidence

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  • Help individuals reach their full potential
  • Support long-term athletic development
  • Encourage self-awareness to increase performance
  • Improve player’s confidence
  • Develop transferable skills for multi-sports

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  • Plan and deliver personalised training plans easily
  • Service more clients remotely
  • Help clients to embark on a sustainable fitness regime
  • Prevent injury & train safely
Exercise Medicine

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  • Identify and reduce risks of falls
  • Delay onset of frailty and improve wellbeing
  • Increase independent living
  • Rehabilitation programs to treat injuries
  • Personalised interventions and care

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  • Reduce employee absenteeism
  • Increase job satisfaction
  • Highlight risks and reduce illness
  • Encouraging healthy and sustainable lifestyles
  • Convenient, economically viable and discreet

Empower everybody to be stronger, fitter and more active


Severn View Academy
Severn View Academy loves Amaven! We are pleased with the system and are happy that Amaven are listening to our suggestions to improve it further. Chesterton is getting to grips with the programme and have enjoyed the trial. The governors were most impressed with the data is has produced so far. I have recommended that the School Business Manager purchases it for the school.
Weaver Primary School logo
Weaver Primary School logo
Sports Co-Ordinator, Weaver Primary School, Nantwich
Since using the Amaven package, the quality of PE teaching amongst our non-specialist teachers has improved dramatically. With tailored lesson plans that link to the needs of the children, teachers are becoming increasingly confident in their delivery. They feel it has given them a better insight into the physical literacy of their children.
Ali Williams PT
Ali Williams PT
Personal Training
Amaven is a clever tool that helps you and your clients keep track of their goals and is excellent for devising highly personalised training programmes.