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  • Our Health Mentor will deliver a Wellness Kickstart Day in your school
  • Smash the 30 active minutes a day with hundreds of classroom Dance and Mini Yo! activity videos
  • Access to our growing library of PSHE lessons: there's one for each week and for each key stage
  • A large library of PE lessons with video instructions
  • Early Years lesson plans with storyboards and animated videos
  • Assembly activities to energise the children at the beginning of the day
  • Easy to use assessments and impact reports
  • Home activities and exercises for parents to keep children active at home
  • Amaven's Healthy Heroes will help you embed a Health and Wellbeing curriculum
  • And much more...

To find out how our Premium Membership could benefit your school, please choose a convenient time to have a short phone call with one our Health Mentors. During this call we will show how easy it is run a Wellness Programme in your school.

Meanwhile if you would like to speak to us or have a question about how we can help your school, please call us on 0161 300 9172 or email us on and we will be happy to help.

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A fully embedded PSHE curriculum linked to the core subjects
  • Learning about physical activity, healthy eating and lifestyle choices 
  • Emotional health and building healthy relationships 
  • Being safe (road hazards, digital safety, personal safety)
Increasing physical activity in the school
  • Starting every lesson in an active way
  • Encouraging physical activity in the home 
  • Reducing sedentary behaviours
Mental health awareness
  • Calm and refocus pupils
  • Mindfulness activities
  • Reduce disruptive behaviours
Assessment Tool and Impact Reports
  • An extensive library of assessments
  • Assessments completed in one PE class per term
  • Automatic data visualisation for teachers
  • Data identifies exceeding or underachieving pupils
  • Track progress throughout a pupil’s school life
  • Create and email Impact Reports to parents
  • Add general and individual comments to Impact Reports
Early Years
  • Framework covers Physical Development, Communications, Literacy, Mathematics, etc.
  • Expanding library of lesson plans and activities
  • Engaging storyboards featuring animal characters
  • Follow the adventures of Bertie Bunny and friends
  • Pupils learn different ways to move (e.g. leaping, catching, throwing, etc.)
PE and Sports Lesson Plans
  • An extensive library of lesson plans with video support
  • Assessment and reporting tools
  • Covers all the main sports and Fundamental Movement Skills
  • Caters for all key stages and abilities
  • Upskills teachers with CPD resources
Home Training Videos
  • Help children stay active at home
  • Step by step instructions for each video
  • Practise and master Fundamental Movement Skills
  • Improve fitness
  • Build competence and confidence

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