Be a Young Champion with Our Sports App!

Family stuck indoors during the Covid-19 crisis? Children can use our sports skills coaching app for FREE!View more >

Activate Your Lessons Resource 1

Minimise sedentary routines and ensure your pupils are active for at least 30 mins every day.View more >

Meet Amaven's Healthy Heroes

Our superhero pals are on a mission to teach children how to grow up happy and healthy.View more >

Refocusing Activities 1

Children benefit from refocusing strategies designed to improve concentration and emotional regulation via mindfulness.View more >

Building Resilience

By providing pupils with strategies to manage their emotions, you can empower them to bounce back from challenging experiences.View more >

Skills Expectations in PE

The Department for Education says your pupils must learn these PE based skills in Key Stage 1 and 2.View more >

Activate Your Lessons Resource 2

Mini Yo! provides an enjoyable way for pupils to relax, refocus and become more physically active.View more >

The Agility Challenge

Access to impactful PE is required for all children as it plays a vital role in long term development.View more >