Branded Football App for Clubs and Coaches

The Most Complete Football Training App for all Ages and Abilities

Our team of football coaches and strength and conditioning experts have created a unique home training app for players of all ages and skill levels.

We can offer your Football Club a fully branded version of our app at a very low unit cost or you can offer it to your players on a subscription and we will revenue share the subscriptions with you.

Our Total Footballers App is the only all-round player development App that incorporates:

Management Portal for Coaches

Total Football App also provides a back office portal for coaches to monitor and communicate with their players. 

  • Communicate with your players with the Message Centre 

  • Analyse and identify players with the best speed, agility and strength scores

  • Monitor your players training progress

  • Manage players details and their phase of training 

  • View subscriptions 

Perfect Training Companion

We have designed the App to deliver a new training session every week comprising of football skills and athletic development. You can also:

  • Use our extensive library of drills to improve weaker parts of your game

  • Save favourite drills and access them at any time

  • Track your progress by taking football and athletic challenges

  • Access messages from your coach

  • Siblings can share the same device

Accelerate Player Development

Supporting your players with home practice can have a huge impact on their development. Our training programmes will help players develop a range of technical and physical skills, ensuring that they are more competent on the ball, and are fully fit for football. This allows coaches to focus on extended technical and tactical development during live coaching sessions.

We even provide psychological and health lifestyle support, further adding to their development – and its so easy to use!

Skill Icon Agility Icon Speed Icon Endurance Icon Strength Icon Power Icon Nutrition icon Rest Icon Progress Icon Psychology Icon

Training Sessions Developed by Top Coaches

We help you practice and develop your football skills and all-round game by bringing you sessions and activities developed by professional UEFA coaches and a team of sports scientists allowing you to improve your child’s performance at home or in the park - all you need is a football and Total Football App!

Development of Football Techniques

Our 5 Phase football coaching programme ensures that the training is suited to your players current skill level. Our fully inclusive app is suitable for all players, at all ages and ability levels, and our UEFA Qualified Coaches have developed activities that focus on;

Long-Term Athletic Development

Top Footballers are also great athletes. The Total Footballer App reflects a Long-Term Athlete Development (LTAD) programme, as a LTAD model is used in many academies across the world and designed to prepare, coach, reduce injuries and to develop the whole player, as they move through different stages of maturation.

Our drills will help to unlock your child’s potential by mastering movement skills and developing athletic qualities to improve the athlete and sports performance.


Healthy eating and optimal nutrition are essential for players of all ages and abilities to support their development and growth. It’s crucial to eat high-quality nutritious food from the different food groups, as this sets a foundation for health, vitality, recovery and sports performance.

  • Healthy Eating Habits
  • Nutrition Considerations
  • Food Groups and Meal Planning
  • Energy Balance + Energy For sport
  • Recovery
  • Hydration
Rest and Recovery

Top players and athletes understand the importance of getting optimal rest as part of their training programme and recovery strategy.  You can educate your players to ensure they are always ready to play at their best.

A common mistake, especially for young athletes when starting something new, is to overreach and even overtrain.  Total Footballer App will explain why rest is important, and deliver ideas on how to prepare for the next practice session or competitive game.

Over Training

Active Rest



Psychology of Champions

We will help your players develop the mindset of a champion by focusing on . Using the 5 C's will drive performance:

  • Commitment
  • Confidence
  • Concentration
  • Control
  • Communication

We will even look at how to calm nerves and develop leadership skills.

Unleash your potential and improve on the Football pitch

Many young boys and girls dream of playing in front of packed stadiums and lifting trophies as a professional footballer; and although not every child will reach the very top, together we can help each player achieve their full potential.

Total Football App will help you move to the next level; It’s the only Football coaching app that integrates five phases of football skill acquisition and Long-Term Athletic Development.

Every player can improve and can be the best version of themselves by training hard – and training smart.

You can download the app now, and start your free trial