Make Your Business the Happiest in Town with Custom Wellness Plans

Wellness Screening At Work

At Amaven, we believe in the power of the Whole Person.

It is why our Health and Wellness software takes care of employees from the inside out.

We use a combination of digital monitoring, direct coaching, and onsite assessment to help your workers care for their bodies. This means identifying risk factors, eliminating bad habits, and collaborating on bespoke wellness plans.

With our Corporate Wellness programme, it’s easy to build a better business. 

Custom Consultations

The first stage is an onsite assessment. Amaven sends a team of lifestyle coaches to your workplace to conduct a health assessment. 

This is a friendly, non-invasive process that tests flexibility, reaction times, balance, coordination, and more. It is not a full medical exam and employees can withdraw at any time.

The purpose of the review is to establish a baseline for every individual. It is a great way to identify strengths, weaknesses, and potential risks.

Keeping a close eye on health is important for everybody, but it becomes extra significant as employees age. Over time, the dangers associated with sitting for long periods – common in office environments – start to multiply. The risk of developing heart disease, diabetes, and weight problems increases. 

Personalised wellbeing plans

A person-centred wellbeing plan is created for the individual based on their health screening results, which looks at a variety of fitness components. All of the plans are video-based with easy-to-follow exercise guides to ensure that the correct technique is being to promote safety and to reduce the risk of injury.  

The plans are fun and simple to follow. They use little to no equipment so employees can complete them wherever they – it’s like having a personal trainer in your pocket!

We are here for you throughout the entire corporate wellness program, if you experience any difficulties or simply need some additional guidance you can contact for additional help. 

Build employee confidence and self esteem

To improve your overall wellbeing, we believe that you need to take a holistic approach and consider the individual components that contribute to the health of your workforce. Your employee's wellbeing isn’t linear, it’s affected by a number of variables including mental health, physical ability and fitness. 

In order to improve overall corporate wellbeing, our program includes enriching exercises that aim to promote good mental health through self-esteem and confidence exercises for each member of staff. The Amaven lifestyle coaches are trained to identify risks in members and empower them to feel more comfortable in their own skin. We can create individual, or group based programs, so employees can strengthen their relationships with colleagues.  

Over time, your workforce will be able to track how they feel against a variety of lifestyle indicators. This provides them with evidence of what kind of interventions are having an impact so they learn to understand their wellbeing more objectively and continue to make improvements. As an employer, you will be able to see results through a boost in productivity, reduction in health and stress related absenteeism and an increase in job satisfaction. 

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Custom Health Advice for Your Workforce 

Over time, long hours, sedentary roles, and unhealthy habits make the workplace an accelerator for sickness. Our unique software can help your employees live fitter, healthier lives by giving them back control of their bodies.

Amaven aims to increase productivity by monitoring day to day health, offering practical advice, and conducting confidential screenings. We’re on the ground, in your office, helping you make positive changes.    

Studies have shown, when employees have access to advice on diet, exercise, and wellness, they take better care of themselves. This has a direct impact on performance because the rate of absenteeism falls. Staff stays focused, motivated, and ready to achieve.

The corporate wellness programme from Amaven is a great way to empower employees by helping them stay in work. They get to save their holidays for special occasions. You get to maintain efficiency and keep attendance levels high.  

Key Features

  • Tailored Employee Profiles 
  • Custom Wellness Plans
  • Onsite Lifestyle Coaching
  • Confidence Building 
  • Screening for Risk Factors
  • Confidential Advice

Let Amaven show you how to live and work better.

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Success stories

We take health and well-being seriously at our school and using Amaven has become part of our regular PE programme. The children enjoy doing the PE lessons and the home activity plans are a great way to fit more activity in every day. I am happy to recommend the system to schools and colleagues across Cheshire East and am looking forward to seeing even more improvements in pupil well-being this year.
Rebecca Jewitt
Head Teacher, Audlem St James C of E Primary School
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Our teachers have felt more confident delivering PE lessons because the results show which pupils need extra help, which ones are maintaining fitness, and which are doing well ‘emerging’, ‘expected’ or ‘exceeding’. We have used the results to inform which children we select to represent our school in Rochdale schools sports competitions and have had better successes this year.
Emily Paterson
Sports Coordinator
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Our first round of assessments with Amaven are nearly complete. Staff have been impressed with the process and visits from Chris have been enjoyable for the pupils. The online portal is simple to navigate and the lesson plans available are detailed. The pupil reports, showing physical literacy levels, enable you to pick out children who are in need of a challenge or a greater level of support. At a whole school level, these reports have already allowed us to identify areas for improvement. We are looking forward to the next round of fitness challenges, after which some of our pupils will hopefully see their scores improve.
Clare Moore
PE Co-ordinator, Heybrook Primary School
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