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Amaven arms PTs and Gyms with the tools to become more successful.

We will help you to distinguish yourself from the competition by working smarter not harder.

  • Create personalised exercise plans in a few clicks 
  • Service a greater number of clients 
  • Secure a fixed income with subscriptions, not sessions
  • All-inclusive marketing support and guidance

Clients want personalised exercise plans, but PTs don’t have time to create custom plans for everyone. Amaven’s personalisation software helps you build a long-term relationship with clients by using our unique assessment methodology to discover their strengths and weaknesses and giving them a personalised video-based programme to access online.

Amaven does the heavy lifting for you, by generating expertly designed and personalised training plans for every client, so you have more time to grow your business, either in the gym or tapping into the lucrative home workout market.

Amaven will help you to attract and keep more clients for a lot longer and secure a fixed monthly income, by offering your personal training expertise on an affordable monthly subscription rather than selling short term session plans. We want to help you to develop professionally and grow a passive income whilst still treating every client as an individual who has differing needs.

At Amaven we believe that to develop client loyalty, you have to lead them on a fitness journey and deliver the results they strive for. Our assessments and personalised plans are developed using our unique fitness formula, which is based around developing core fundamentals of strength, stability, posture and mobility, and also progressing the client to more the advanced levels of power, endurance, agility, and flexibility. Amaven can help any client to transform their fitness and wellbeing by working within their capability to increase their confidence and reduce the risk of injury.

At Amaven, we not only provide you with software that will transform your business, we also give you the knowledge and tools to excel in marketing. You will receive a free consultation from our experienced personal trainers who actively market themselves using digital platforms and strategies.

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Halve your time and personalise

Fitness MOT
An Amaven fitness MOT provides personal trainers with unrivalled insight into their clients' strength and weaknesses. Each fitness component is measured at the beginning of the client’s journey, creating a baseline to track progress over time.
Personalised exercise plans
Take advantage of the growing home workout trend, with our personalised exercise plans. Custom plans are automatically generated from the results of Fitness MOT, including videos to show technique, frequency and intensity. In just a few clicks you can create something that is truly personalised for every client, in half the time and effort.
Fitness Record
Progress is easily tracked through the client’s individual fitness record, using accurate measurements and data to show improvements over time. Use this visual evidence of your client’s achievements to motivate and retain them for longer. Clients follow their exercise plans in their own time, which means you will only need to see them once a month to show them evidence of their improvements, as demonstrated through the fitness record.

Inspire fitness journeys

No two clients are alike, Amaven encourages individuals to follow a personal fitness journey enabling them to set progressive goals and strive for long-term improvement. Exercise plans advance through five phases, which means there is a plan for all ages and fitness abilities which allows you to cultivate a long lasting relationship with all your clients. 

Success stories

Personal Trainer
Having recently launched a new boutique health club & brand, we integrated Amaven software as a free personal training platform for all our club members - “TheJourney". I am delighted to boast organic sign-up rates to Amaven of over 75% of total membership. The positive effects Amaven has on our member engagement, member journey, member retention and PT engagement are incredibly encouraging and, the management, tracking and communication the platform provides are second to none. I’m excited to see the results of our member journeys over the next couple of months as they improve their fitness records and, to get my hands on the critical and exacting data the reports produce. The future of fitness and wellbeing coaching.
Julian Ward-Turner
Health Club Owner/Chairman, Vitality Boutique
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Personal Trainer
Heard about Amaven from a friend and instantly liked the idea behind it. Testing, managing my clients records and workouts with Amaven freed up more time for me so I am able to focus on acquiring new clients and having more time for my family.
Nerijus Simonavicius
Personal Training
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Personal Trainer
Since using Amaven, I’ve been able to work with so many more clients than before. The software is simple to use and I’ve seen a huge improvement in all of my clients since using it, people are getting fitter and losing weight, which encourages them to keep using me as their PT for longer.
Glyn Bellwood
Personal Training
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