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Primary PE & Sport Premium to Stay Doubled in 2018/19

It’s hard to believe we’re already halfway through 2018. It’s certainly been an eventful spring for sports, with the Commonwealth Games, Champions League and London Marathon giving us plenty to talk about in recent weeks.

There’s good news for schools too. The government has confirmed plans to award Primary PE and Sport Premium up until 2019. Not only will funding continue, it will remain at the current rate. This is double the amount paid to primary schools in 2016 after the spending pot was increased to $320million last year.

Is PE and Sport Premium Changing in 2018?

In 2018, schools will receive £16,000, with an additional payment of £10 per registered pupil. The first (and biggest) sum is paid in Oct/Nov. The second payment arrives in April/May of 2019. This is no different to the system you’re used to, and you’re not expected to do anything different at this time.

Don’t forget PE and Sport Premium does come with requirements. You must keep a record of purchases and ensure the money is used to improve PE and sports resources. It’s an important process and, every year, Amaven helps schools tick the boxes quickly and efficiently. Click to read our blog on evidencing and maximising impact.

How Should Your School Spend the Money?

Schools cannot use the money to deliver curriculum basics. Investments must build upon existing sports and PE provisions. The premium is designed to increase, support and facilitate physical activity. It should not fill gaps in teaching.

Keep this in mind when writing your spending report in April 2019. Government regulators are tasked with making sure funds are spent appropriately.

Consider 5 key objectives when spending the cash:

1. Ensure All Pupils Are Active in School

2. Promote & Celebrate Physical Activity

3. Offer Upskilling to PE & Sports Staff

4. Provide Varied Sports Opportunities

5. Increase Participation in Competitive Sport

Evidence Spending with Amaven

The touchpoints for PE and Sport Premium are October and April when payments are received. However, you’re expected to track the impact of PE spending all year. This is easy to do with a structured system for measuring pupil performance and satisfaction.

The Amaven Healthy Schools Programme monitors and improves schoolwide fitness all year round. So, with our assessment tools, evidencing is easy. Just take the detailed Impact Reports we generate after observing pupils and use them to identify links between your spending and their attainment.

Our Impact Reports track physical literacy and movement skills. When termly reports are compared, schools can see where improvements correspond with spending. We also keep tabs on emotional wellbeing, so you can tell if changes are having a positive impact on confidence, self-esteem and engagement.

Watch the video to see our Impact Reports:

Our health and wellbeing system generates a wealth of pupil data and it can be used in a hundred different ways. Evidencing the PE and Sport Premium is just one. We say, while the government is willing to be so generous, it’s your responsibility to dive headfirst into new opportunities, exciting challenges and ambitious projects.

Forget the admin. We’ve got it covered.

Build your future. 

Head to the Key Features page for more on the Healthy Schools Programme. Or, call +44 (0) 161 300 9172 to speak to the team.