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Primary PE & Sport Premium to Stay Doubled in 2018/19

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It's fair to say 2018 is proving to be eventful. Whether it's daring cave rescues, royal weddings or World Cup glory, we've been treated to some truly incredible moments. There’s good news for schools too.

The government plans to award Primary PE and Sport Premium in 2018 and 2019. Not only does funding continue, it remains at the current rate. It's double the amount paid to primary schools in 2016, as the spending pot was increased to $320million last year.

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Is PE and Sport Premium Changing in 2018?

In 2018, schools will receive £16,000, with an additional payment of £10 per registered pupil. The first (and biggest) sum is paid in Oct/Nov. The second payment arrives in April/May of 2019. This is no different to the system you’re used to, and you’re not expected to do anything different at this time.

Don’t forget PE and Sport Premium comes with requirements. Schools must keep a record of purchases and ensure the money is used to improve PE and sports resources. It’s an important process and, every year, Amaven helps schools tick the boxes quickly and efficiently.

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How Should Your School Spend the Money?

According to, the premium is designed to increase, support and facilitate physical activity. Investments must build upon existing sports and PE provisions. They should not fill gaps in teaching and schools cannot use the money to deliver curriculm basics. 

Keep this in mind when writing your spending report in April 2019. Government regulators are tasked with making sure funds get spent appropriately. Youth Sport Trust offers information and advice on PE & Sport Premium. Click here to visit the website

Consider 5 key objectives when spending the cash:

1. Ensure All Pupils Are Active in School

2. Promote & Celebrate Physical Activity

3. Offer Upskilling to PE & Sports Staff

4. Provide Varied Sports Opportunities

5. Increase Participation in Competitive Sport

How to Evidence Spending with Amaven

With the Amaven Healthy Schools Programme, it's easy to monitor and improve schoolwide fitness and motor skills development. Our child development platform provides a diverse range of measuring, recording and evidencing tools. Every term, the goal is to ensure your pupils grow stronger and fitter than the last.

Performance data is turned into Impact Reports. All reports are Sport Premium compatible and can be used to highlight links between spending and pupil attainment. Compare termly Impact Reports to identify which investments correlate with improvements to PE and sports performance, participation and accessibility.

The Healthy Schools Programme begins with our in-school Health & Wellbeing Day. Expert coaches observe pupils as they play jumping, catching and throwing games. The results create a baseline that, when compared with subsequent Impact Reports, demonstrates the rate of pupil progression. 

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Watch the video to see our Impact Reports:

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