Do you want your loved ones to enjoy life to the fullest? 

Our mission is to lead efforts to reduce global inactivity and change the way people pursue actvity in order to help everyone lead a healthier, happier and physically fitter life.

We encourage children develop a positive relationship with fitness and develop key skills from an early age so they are well-equipped for an active lifestyle in later life. We also help people to manage conditions through physical activity interventions and promote healthy ageing. 

Our story

Amaven has been developed by professionals to deliver personalised fitness assesments and exercise plans for the education, sports, healthcare, workplace wellbeing and the fitness markets.

Founded by PK Vaish and Sam Greenwood in 2013, and with an advisory team of twelve experts from the exercise medicine, sports, fitness and data security sectors, Amaven started out as a platform to identify talented athletes in sports academies and schools.

After an extensive career in sports coaching and equipment development, Sam believed that too much emphasis was placed on actually playing the sport, instead of developing the skills that would help children improve their performance. He wanted to change this and help a new generation of players transform into competent athletes. 

Whilst validating their idea, they also realised that the PE provision in schools was suffering. Teachers did not have the resources to help each child develop to their full potential. This is a nationwide problem, as 35% of all children leave primary school obese. Obese children will more than likely become obese adults, developing chronic diseases and conditions such as Type 2 diabetes, heart disease and hypertension.

These diseases put a huge financial strain on the NHS with spiralling healthcare costs. However, 40% of all these serious diseases can be prevented through lifestyle changes and exercise.

Sam and PK discovered that there was an unmet need, as primary school teachers were not equipped to teach children about healthy lifestyle choices. nor were they skilled enough to help children to develop the fundamental movement skills necessary for athletic ability. Amaven was created to meet this need, by upskilling teachers to teach outstanding PE lessons and giving children the tools to learn athletic skills at home.

The system upskills teachers to deliver quality PE using video based lesson plans appropriate for the ability of the class. Amaven's unique testing system identifies children who are at risk and those who are excelling. They also provide proof of the improvement each child is making and provide evidence for OFSTED inspections.

Helping everyone to have a healthier future

They soon realised that there was a missing gap in the health, fitness and wellbeing sectors. Nobody was providing a standardised system which delivers truly personalised care. By using a unique testing system, Amaven guarantees that each individual gets the care they need, taking into care age, ability and any medical conditions.

The platform is a cost effective and convinient tool that helps schools, sports clubs, health practitioners and employee wellbeing specialists to deliver outstanding care.

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