Health, fitness and wellbeing profiling tool

We use health screenings to identify risks and create an indepth health, fitness and wellbeing profile for individuals. Health screenings are simple to do and can be carried out by family members, care workers, or Amaven Health Mentors. Regular screenings will produce evidence of progress or deterioration, highlight risks and prevent damage. Information can be shared via reports with individuals and organisations involved in the care of that individual.

Person-centred wellbeing programmes

Specific scores and indicators are used to inform a personalised activity programme that can be done safely at home or in other settings. All of the activities prescribed promote physical, social, and emotional health to positively impact an individual's life.

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Success stories

Health & Wellbeing
The activities are enabling [the residents] to put on their cardigans better, get out of bed more easily; all of these moves help them with their daily tasks. When I was first shown the Amaven graphs I got excited because you can actually see what [the residents] abilities are and where they need more improvement. With the continued activities 3 times a week it can only improve their ability for daily tasks. It will strengthen whatever muscles they’ve got, improve their health, social skills, wellbeing and overall happiness. The more they do, they seem to have less pain, and then they want to do more.
Activities Coordinator St johns Nursing Home bromsgrove