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Online Software for a Fitter and Healthier Future

Amaven is a complete personal training and health management platform specifically designed for the fitness, sport, corporate and education sectors. It allows personal trainers, lifestyle coaches, sports coaches and PE teachers to improve the fitness, sports performance and health of their clients, players or pupils by providing personalised assessments and programmes.

New insights
Amaven helps you keep track of trainees with a unique profiling system. Metrics like wellness indicators, levels of strength, fitness and attendance help create a profile for each individual. This data can then be exported and shared to aid programme planning led by these in-depth insights.
Personalised programmes
Amaven uses each individual’s assessment to create personalised, structured pathways to fitness and health, generating a suite of step by step ‘how to’ videos and factsheets accessed online or via the Amaven app.
Training through five phases
Amaven provides assessments and exercises for every defined ability level, from fundamental through intermediate, advanced, sports conditioning and elite. Working from an initial assessment, you can identify which level each individual is currently at and help them reach their desired goal.
Lifestyle diary
Amaven helps to make the right choices – by tracking what users eat, drink, do and, most importantly, feel. Mood graphs and calendars created by users maintaining their lifestyle diary provide awareness of what foods, levels of hydration and activity help them stay feeling energetic, alert and well rested.
Support and motivate
Amaven’s inbuilt messaging service encourages regular communication with trainees, helping them stay on track by providing instant access to their coaches. The service also allows trainers to send single or group notifications at pre-set times.
Locker room
Each user is given his or her own Amaven locker room. Accessible online or via the app, it’s their go-to resource for viewing assessment results, training programmes, manage their lifestyle diary and communicate with their trainer.
Managing subscriptions and payments
For trainers who provide chargeable services, Amaven simplifies finance management. The platform supports subscription management and payment collection via direct debit and credit cards.
Amaven experts use the platform to regularly share knowledge and developments from the world of fitness and wellbeing. Articles, newsletters and notifications help keep users up to date with the latest practices and techniques, helping them take better care of their health, fitness and sporting skills.