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Amaven and Vitality join forces to deliver fitness profiling in Poland

Amaven is delighted to announce a new partnership with Vitality, an innovative boutique gym in Poland. 

The high-end gym will be using Amaven’s fitness profiling system to help members achieve their goals including weight loss, strength development and improving overall fitness. The bespoke profiling system creates a personalised exercise programme that meets every member’s individual needs and recommends exercise classes they can do at the gym which would fit in with their goals.  

Personal trainers at the gym will have the advantage of using the individual fitness profiling data provided by their clients to create well-informed training programmes that build-upon identified needs. This gives trainers a background of knowledge about their clients and allows members to steadily progress through phases of training instead of having to start from square-one. 

Vitality officially launched earlier this week in Krakow, Poland and has capacity for 1500 members. Members have the option to sign up to the Amaven ‘Journey’ for free at any time, although many members have chosen to sign up for the Journey before starting the gym to ensure all their progress can be measured and tracked. 

Steve Wyatt, a master personal trainer and key advisor for Amaven, travelled to Poland to facilitate the implementation of the programme and discuss the core values of Amaven with the Vitality trainers. Pk vaish, Director of Amaven, commented on how the system will help Vitality trainers offer a higher level of service to clients:

“Working with Vitality is such an exciting project because we are helping them to become the first gym in Poland to have access to this kind of personalised fitness technology.  Amaven’s fitness profiling system significantly improves the level of service personal trainers can provide for their clients by giving them detailed knowledge about their strengths and weaknesses."

The Amaven profiling tool gives members a choice, whether they want to continue the journey or take their training to the next level with a personal trainer, they have complete flexibility over their fitness goals. 

“For the first time, members of Vitality can measure and track their progress to help them consistently improve and meet their fitness goals. This helps bridge the gap for people who want to know more about their training but aren’t ready to invest in a personal trainer just yet. Some people will be happy to continue to follow their personal Amaven journey, while others will want to take their training to the next level.” PK said. 

The system also improves retention for Vitality by allowing clients to be flexible with their fitness goals to suit their changing needs. 

“Most people want to lose weight when they first sign up to a gym, but once that goal is achieved they might want to focus on building strength, or training for a specific activity like a marathon. The Amaven Journey highly is responsive and can be changed to match new goals.” he said. 

To find out more about Amaven’s fitness profiling system please contact us.