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Amaven is helping Cornish primary schools to improve fitness & wellbeing

primary school kids playing football

Amaven is helping 10 primary schools in Cornwall to improve the fitness and wellbeing of their pupils.

 Over 1000 children will have the opportunity to improve their fitness and wellbeing. The schools involved include: Trewergie Infant School, Braddock Primary School, Lanner Primary School, St Martin’s Primary School, St Maddern’s CE Primary School, St Levan Primary, Millbrook Primary School, Antony CE Primary School and St Nicolas Primary School. 

Amaven's Physical Literacy platform helps schools to assess each child’s fitness each term and report the impact of Sports Premium Funding. We also support children to master the Fundamental Movement Skills necessary to develop an active lifestyle and play sports.  

Amaven coaches will visit the primary schools in Cornwall to run PE assessment days which test pupils across a range of fitness components including object control, upper and lower body strength, speed and flexibility. PE assessment days help the schools to understand the individual fitness levels of each pupil and their individual opportunity for further development.   

Amaven creates report cards for each pupil which are shared with the parents together with home activity plans to help children stay active and learn the Fundamental Movement Skills. Studies show that children’s levels of activity are declining as early as age 7, as opposed to during adolescence as previously thought. However, by helping children to master the fundamental movement skills from an early age, schools can increase participation levels in sport and encourage more children to adopt a healthier lifestyle.  

Evidence of PE practise 

The primary schools will be able to provide evidence of the efforts they are undertaking to help pupils become fitter. Amaven’s system creates a personalised portal for each school which includes an individual login for parents, teachers and pupils to access data about the PE assessments and a personalised PE activity programme for each child. The data demonstrates the progress each pupil is making and compares their results via easy to follow charts. The reports can be downloaded and emailed to Governors, OFSTED inspectors and parents, as well as providing evidence for schools to display their use of Sport Premium Funding.  

Meeting public health targets  

Due to the Obesity and Inactivity epidemic, schools are being encouraged to promote and embed active lifestyles in their pupils. Public Health England recommends at least 60-minutes of moderate-vigorous activity a day. Amaven’s home activity plans help boost children’s levels of physical activity after school and during holidays.  

Home activity are video led and a fun way for pupils to get more active, master the fundamental movement skills and improve their fitness. They meet the needs of the national curriculum and are personalised for each pupil’s age and ability. 

Upskilling teachers 

Amaven also upskills specialist and non-specialist teachers and provides them with a comprehensive library of lesson so they can deliver the PE confidently. This helps teachers to understand the importance of teaching the fundamental movement skills and arm them with the knowledge to help each child to improve their fitness and physical abilities.  

PK Vaish, Cofounder of Amaven, said: “We are delighted to be helping over 1000 pupils in Cornwall to improve their fitness and master the fundamental movement skills. We believe that this is the start of something exciting in the education sector. Our coaches will help teachers develop the skills to deliver outstanding PE for years to come and embed healthy and active lifestyles in these young children.”

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