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Introducing...Amaven's Healthy Heroes!

The Amaven Healthy Heroes: Kerry the Carrot, Richie Runner Bean, Super H, MIndful Miranda

Winter can be a major challenge for health and wellbeing. The compulsion to hibernate - with Netflix, hot cocoa and comfort foods - is particularly strong at this time of year. So, we're enlisting the help of some special friends to get schools motivated and engaged with healthy living in 2019.

It's time to meet some superb superheroes with a splendid story to share. Our brand new mascots - Kerry the Carrot, Richie Runner Bean, Super H and Mindful Miranda - are on a mission to teach children how to grow up happy and healthy.

Let's take a closer look at what they've got to say:

Kerry the CarrotEat the best, leave the rest! 

Kerry the Carrot is fanatical about healthy food. She's made of 88% water, so she knows the importance of nutrition for healthy skin, eyes, hair and muscles. Kerry is on a mission to help young people pick the right foods and kick the rest. She wants everybody to know healthy eating is a superpower! 

Richie Runner Bean - Movement is magic! 

Richie Runner Bean is the speediest hero around. He keeps his heart healthy by moving his body and staying active. Richie knows the best way to prevent illness and injuries is to be ready for anything - running, jumping, kicking, catching...and karate chopping bad guys! He wants to remind young people there's a sport out there for everybody. 

Super H - Healthy kids are happy kids! 

Super H keeps his body in tip top condition by paying attention to its needs. He listens carefully to his bones, teeth, muscles and most importantly, his brain. Super H knows, if you want to achieve heroic things, you've got to have healthy habits. He's on a mission to prove it's easy to live a healthy lifestyle. 

Mindful Miranda - Start every day with a smile! 

Mindful Miranda is caring and compassionate. She loves to make people smile because a happy mind is a healthy mind. Miranda says, if you share your feelings with friends, family and teachers, it's easier to overcome challenges. She wants young people to ask for help whenever they feel sad or overwhelmed.

Our Healthy Heroes are ready to help your pupils get to grips with the four pillars of health and wellbeing: nutrition, physical activity, healthy habits and mindfulness. They'll be popping up in lots of new content in 2020! Click to log in and view your dashboard