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Leap into Active Learning with the Healthy Schools Programme

You might have noticed it's almost the end of another academic year. Yes, it did go by awful quick, didn't it?

Not to worry because it's always a good time to join Amaven's Healthy Schools Programme! 

In fact, winter is a great time to invest in your school's health and wellbeing curriculum. It's a time when children do less physical activity, spend more time indoors and consume increasing amounts of sugar as a part of Halloween, Bonfire Night and Christmas celebrations. In short, it's precisely the time when healthy habits become most important. 

With support from the Healthy Schools Programme, it's easy for primary schools to enhance, expand, replace or even create a new health and wellbeing curriculum. From a custom portal, premium members get anytime access to a growing collection of learning resources on healthy eating, physical activity, sports, emotional wellbeing, personal safety and lots more.

Click here to download our programme guide: Developing Health and Wellbeing for Every Child.

5 Steps to a Better Health and Wellbeing Curriculum in Winter 2019

1. Register for a FREE Amaven account 

Signing up for a FREE Amaven account isn't a requirement for joining the Healthy Schools Programme. However, it's definitely the best way to get a taste of what the programme offers before becoming a fulltime member. Members with a free account get weekly wellness bulletins. Each bulletin links to a learning resource. You'll also get to browse all the free resources released in previous weeks. 

2. Book an Online Demo 

If our free resources have you keen to know more, book an online demo. This is a quick process - about 10 minutes - that happens during a telephone or Skype call with one of our programme supervisors. They'll walk you through the main features of the Healthy Schools Programme (most of which are exclusive to premium members). This is a no obligation demo. 

Afterwards, you can remain a free member (with limited access) if you so choose.

3. Schedule a Wellness Kickstart Day 

If you decide to make our programme a part of your school's curriculum, you'll get the opportunity to host a Wellness Kickstart Day. This is the launch event for the Healthy Schools Programme, so we advise new members to arrange a date after joining. All your school needs to do is provide the venue and prepare staff and pupils for a morning/afternoon of health and wellbeing learning!

Click here to download our Wellness Kickstart Day Guide.

4. Activate Your Lessons with Dance and Mini Yo!

After joining, you'll be given login details for a unique digital portal. This is your access point for all content, tools and resources provided by the Healthy Schools Programme. We recommend trying our Dance and Mini Yo! videos first. These short (5 minute) videos feature quick bursts of movement that can be used to activate lessons and increase pupils' physical activity levels throughout the day. 

5. Supercharge Your PE Lessons

A lot of the content provided by the Healthy Schools Programme is designed to increase the quality and variety of PE and sports provisions. We recommend using our Sports Lesson Plans, PE CPD videos and PE assessment tools to increase pupil engagement and track the development of fundamental movement skills. 

Please note, schools can use part of their PE and Sport Premium Funding to invest in Amaven's Healthy Schools Programme.

This is just a brief introduction to the first few weeks spent as an Amaven Healthy School. We haven't even touched on the PSHE, healthy eating or mindfulness resources that are also a big part of our programme! We'll let you explore those for yourself. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to get in touch at Or call +44 (0) 161 300 9172.  

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