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Pennine Care NHS Foundation and Rochdale Hornets use Amaven to teach and monitor physical literacy in schools

Child on a playground

Amaven is helping 10 Primary Schools in the Rochdale area to have a fitter, healthier future as they pilot the Fit School program over the course of the year. 

Rochdale Hornets Sporting Foundation (RHSF) and Pennine Care NHS Foundation (PC NHS FT) Trust staff will also be actively involved in the Fit School program by providing the Schools with 1-2-1 support, fitness tests and training.  

Physical Education has been neglected for too long, as traditional academic subjects including Maths, Science and English have taken precedence over Physical Education. The Fit School scheme will help the schools deliver effective P.E lessons and monitor students’ progress based on the principles of Physical Literacy.  

Using Amaven’s comprehensive fitness tests, qualified RHSF coaching staff are able to measure the Physical Literacy of every child in the school. Each test complies with the national curriculum, will be age appropriate, and will last for a maximum of 30 minutes. The tests are simple to deliver and record, which means they can be implemented into the school's regular P.E lessons. The tests will be repeated on three occasions to regularly monitor students’ progress.

In addition to this, RHSF Coaches will also deliver two hours of school P.E lessons created by Amaven. These lessons are based upon the principles of Physical Literacy and have been expertly designed by Amaven to meet and exceed the standards of the national curriculum requirement for P.E. Following these unqiue lessons will ensure that every child has the best possible chance to improve their physical performance and lead a healthier lifestyle. 

RHSF Coaches will also provide training to the teachers and staff in the schools, to ensure that staff feel confident following the lessons when the RHSF coaches are not present. 

Encourage talented individuals 

Amaven's innovative platform allows teachers to identify talented students so they can develop and excel in sports. 

Intellegence is key, so the schools will record and evaluate every student's progress using Amaven’s cloud-based system. The user-friendly system allows staff to easily input data, monitor results and provide regular and accurate reports for every student. Schools will also have a full licence to use the system and will be provided with in-depth training and support at all times. We understand that children progress at different rates, that's why Amaven is flexible and allows each child to progress at their own pace. The assesments will highlight areas that need to be improved on, as well as strengths that deserve to be developed. 

Teachers can also ensure that children are progressing faster by assigning them personalised digital ‘P.E homework’ which is accessed via Amaven’s online platform. This allows students to practise core physical skills outside of P.E lessons, under the supervision of their parents. As part of the program, Amaven will also provide supportive information for parents so they can help their children get the most out of these at-home workouts. 

If you’re interested in how Amaven can help your school, don’t hesitate to get in touch or sign up – it’s free!