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School Closing? Get Home Learning Plans for Pupils

Dad and Young Son Doing Push Ups Together

To our wonderful Healthy Schools

We hope to find you safe and well.

We understand you're very busy and have concerns about the future. Like yourselves, our team is trying to prepare for all eventualities!

Many schools have begun planning for enforced closures and now need flexible resources to continue pupils' education in challenging circumstances. More than ever before, it's vital children stay active and healthy. Physical education should continue for as long as possible (at school or home), because it's a powerful tool in the fight for health and wellbeing!

As part of your Amaven membership, pupils and parents can access resources via personal portals at home. If you have chosen not to give parents access thus far, we advise you to consider doing so. 

Use the following steps to generate home learning plans for pupils: 

1. Log in

2. Click 'Admin'

3. Click 'Login Details'

4. Find Your Class

5. Select 'All'

6. Select 'Email Details' OR 'Download Details As a PDF'

This will generate a home learning plan for all pupils in the class.

Each plan lasts a week and includes 3 x physical activities, 5 x Movement of the Day sessions and 1 x mindfulness activity.

On your school's portal, you'll find a letter for parents explaining how to log in at home. If you need any help setting up access or generating letters, please do not hesitate to contact us. Call +44 (0) 161 300 9172 or email us at 

We sincerely hope this helps. 

Thanks and positive vibes from your Healthy Schools Programme!