The NHS recommends that all primary aged children complete at least 60 minutes of physical activity every day. Yet despite this recommendation, many children are not following doctors’ orders and suffering the consequences as a result. It is imperative that we take action, starting with a renewed focus in children’s physical education. By putting sports at the heart of our strategy to tackle childhood obesity, we can ensure that children develop their physical literacy as well as their physical abilities.

Amaven has been designed to help teachers make their children fully aware of why physical literacy is important and to help improve their academic achievement through health & wellbeing. Studies show that healthy pupils are more engaged in lessons, and become higher achievers as a result. By encouraging children to take an active interest in sport, teachers & parents will see an improvement in all academic subjects (not just PE).

So how can you increase participation in school sports?  By tailoring your lessons to teach and assess individual pupils based on their strengths and weaknesses, teachers can encourage pupils to build confidence by participating in sports they have an interest in. Then by using Amaven’s tracking software, you can help children to measure their abilities and work with them to improve areas of physical fitness that they are interested in.

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