Tournament Management System

Sports organisations are experienced in hosting tournaments and events all year round. For most, it’s a challenge to manage hundreds of clubs with multiple squads and thousands of players. With Amaven’s Tournament Management System, the challenge is made simple as our platform utilises extensive research into the management of large-scale sporting events to improve planning and delivery at all levels.  

Our system enables organisers to establish and deliver multiple tournaments in multiple locations with ease. It also allows players to manage and share personal profile pages featuring performance statistics, trophies, photo galleries and more.

If required, the system can be customised to suit individual customers and their internal processes.

Key Features

  • Generate automatic invoices for email to customers
  • Low monthly fees
  • Cash management and reporting suite
  • Sell term time, holiday camps or 1-2-1 coaching lessons
  • Daily registers and attendance management
  • Operate across multiple venues (with programmes for each venue)
  • CRM email marketing modules (requires Mailchimp)
  • Provide discounts for siblings and make bulk/automatic/voucher bookings
  • Delivered with full support, training and secure hosting
  • Sell extras (early start, late finishes, registration fees, transport, etc.)

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Success stories

Book Pay Play
Book Pay Play system has improved our customer experience journey enormously. Parents can book easily whenever they want. We are able to sell out most of our programmes because we are able to market effectively. We have also improved our customer retention and revenue through cross selling
Robbie Trimm
Founder, Pleiades Leisure
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Book Pay Play
Our new online system has transformed the way we do business. Parents and players find the system easy to use and our coaches are now much happier because they can focus on coaching rather than having to handle payments and other queries.
Matt Johnson
Managing Director, Sportscape
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We used to use Microsoft Excel to record player performance data but found it difficult to collaborate and share the intelligence with coaches and parents; Amaven has changed all that. Our coaches can profile the players easily with built in tests and we can demonstrate progress to the players and parents through the online locker.
Gareth Hamer
Head Coach, Stoke Talent Centre
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