Steve Wyatt

Specialist strength and conditioning coach and trainer

Steve has been working within the Health and Fitness industry and the Strength and Conditioning of young and potential athletes for over twenty years. 

He previously worked as a National Trainer for over 100 gyms and health clubs, by delivering training and the up skilling of managers, trainers and personal trainers. He also delivered expert seminars and workshops in programme design and prophylactic training methods. Steve has travelled extensively delivering training workshops in the USA, Europe and the Middle East. 

Steve is passionate about the ongoing research in strength and conditioning for the young and young athletes that underpins physical literacy for each child and he is currently completing his MSc in Strength and Conditioning at St Mary’s/Twickenham University London which he is due to complete this year.


Professional Assessor Certificate (D32/D33)

Professional Trainer Certificate 

Personal Training Qualifications (CYQ, Future Fit, Active IQ) Advanced Gym Trainer 

• Anatomy and Physiology 

• Fitness Testing, Client Assessments 

• Nutrition and Weight Management 

• Sports Conditioning 

• SAQ Certificate 

CHEK Practitioner Qualifications (CHEK Institute – based in San Diego California, USA; a leading authority and training provider within the strength and conditioning/corrective exercise). 

CHEK Practitioner – Exercise Coach 

• CHEK Exercise Coach 

• Abdominal conditioning

• Scientific back conditioning

• Programme design; advanced programme design

• Neurological approach to conditioning

• Medicine ball/plyometrics for Sports Performance  

• Golf biomechanics and Sports Conditioning

• Physio-ball conditioning/ advanced physio-ball conditioning for rehabilitation and strength and conditioning for females.