We Have Planned Post Covid-19 PE For You!

As schools start to reopen, teachers are faced with three main challenges:

  • Keeping children safe
  • Consider pupils’ mental health and wellbeing
  • Ensuring that they identify any pupil who may need additional support

But how can PE be delivered with safe social distancing guidelines still in place? We help you activate your pupils with MyZone PE!

Created For The New Normal

We will help you to deliver fun, engaging and beneficial PE lessons with social distancing measures embedded throughout.

All our sessions ensure that children maintain a minimum of 2m distance from each other whilst enjoying PE with the rest of their Pod. We are offering a free version of MyZone PE to support all teachers with their return to school life.

If you are already part of our healthy schools programme. MyZone PE can also be found in the class area of your school portal.

What We Deliver

We have included suitable activities as detailed by the The Youth Sports Trust for the new normal.

All our sessions ensure that children maintain the 2m distance whilst enjoying PE with the rest of their Pod.

This is MyZone PE! We have taken great care to ensure that we are following guidelines, to help you keep your children active and safe, whilst still enjoying all the benefits of PE and Physical Activity.

Safety First - School Specific Considerations

We have also highlighted of some other considerations you may need to take into account when delivering MyZone PE. We have provided some tips, but ensure that you refer to your school risk assessment prior to delivery.

  • Hand Washing: Children should wash their hands immediately before and after PE lessons and maintain excellent hand hygiene throughout the day

  • PE Kits: Children to come to school in PE kits on PE days. Avoid changing if possible

  • Transport of Children: Consider how children will move to and from different teaching areas, we have detailed how to manage this in your PE lessons in our support videos! 

  • Equipment: Consider how equipment (if used) will be sanitised. We recommend that shared equipment is kept to a minimum, and our session plans take this into account! 

  • Space: We recommend that all PE lessons are delivered outside to maximise ventilation. We have considered this when putting our programme together, and as long as children have coats etc. for cooler, wetter weather, our sessions will be safe to deliver (A view shared by the Department of Education).