Wellness Kickstart Day

Wellness Kickstart Day

Upon joining premium members are entitled to a free Wellness Kickstart Day. This is a launch event delivered by our Health Mentors. 

It involves classroom activities, PE skill assessments, CPD sessions and more to Kickstart your Healthy Schools Programme..

Download a Wellness Kickstart Day Guide for a full event schedule. 

'Get Active' Assembly

Our Health Mentor brings staff and pupils together to explain the purpose of Wellness Kickstart Day. Includes a 'Rise & Shine' activity session.

Active 'Wellness' Lessons

Interactive lessons on healthy habits, nutrition, physical activity and mindfulness. Includes props, games and activities to engage pupils.

Active Assessment

A PE assessment w/PECO's class. Includes a tutorial on delivering Impact Reports and future assessments. Requires TA to be present. 

Early Years PE Lesson

Early Years PE lesson designed by our in-house EYFS specialist. Features the adventures of Bertie Bunny.


Meeting with the Head

A 20min meeting with the head and PE/Health & Wellbeing Coordinator. Explains the impact of Wellness Kickstart Day and how to maximise its value.

After School CPD

After hours CPD to show all staff how to use the portal, access key resources, generate Impact Reports, etc.