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Amaven's Mindfulness Month Puts a Spotlight on Mental Health in Schools

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This February is Amaven's first Mindfulness Month and a celebration of good mental health. It follows national Childrens Mental Health Week (4-10th February) and aims to offer support to schools as they tackle rising levels of depression, anxiety and mental disorders among young people.

As schools in Salford, Tyneside, Staffordshire, Brighton and Hove, Doncaster, Merton, North Yorkshire, Devon and Berkshire begin new government approved mindfulness schemes, Amaven is providing its own hacks for happiness.

Members of our Healthy Schools Programme now have access to a library of mindfulness resources designed to soothe, calm and develop emotional regulation skills. Our new Mindfulness Sessions, for example, are an opportunity for primary pupils to pause and think about how they feel right now, in the moment.

Click to learn more about Amaven's Mindfulness Sessions and how to use them in your classroom. 

With a staggering 56% of kids claiming to feel worried all the time, mental support for young people has never been more important. While schools can't cure all ills, they can be a place of emotional security for children - an environment in which stresses can be assuaged and managed with conscious movement, quiet reflection and a greater awareness of sensations, thoughts and intentions.

Together with our Healthy Schools, we'll investigate new ways for pupils to think, behave and live mindfully. And, in conjunction with other resources in the Healthy Schools Programme, Amaven will continue to help children adopt Healthy Habits and live Healthy, Active Lifestyles.

For more on the Healthy Schools Programme and its FREE and PREMIUM resources, visit the Key Features page. Or, book a Wellness Kickstart Day to join and start your schools's health and wellbeing journey today!