How to Manage Sport Premium Funding At Your School 

Every year, primary schools in the UK receive targeted funding for investment in PE and sports. This is part of a government scheme called Sport Premium Funding. Schools with 17 or more pupils are entitled to £16,000 and a further £10 per registered student. 

Ofstead inspections

There are some conditions for receiving the money. It must be spent on PE and sports equipment, staffing, training, clubs, activities or facilities. The principal goal is to improve physical literacy across the whole school.

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Schools must account for spending by publishing a report on their purchases. This is an obligation for all institutions receiving Sports Premium Funding. The report should be published on your website by April 2018.

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You can also download reporting guides from the Association for Physical Education.


It can be a big job for a busy school, so Amaven offers plenty of support. Our Healthy Schools Programme is perfect for monitoring KPIs and hitting your Sport Premium targets.


These targets are as follows:

  • 30 Mins of Physical Activity in School (Per Day)

  • 30 Mins of Physical Activity at Home (Per Day)

  • ALL Students Taking Part in PE Lessons

  • Continued Upskilling for PE Teachers 

  • Offer a Diverse Variety of PE Activities/Sports

  • Increase Participation in Competitive Sport

  • Promote & Celebrate the Impact of PE



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Amaven schools can use data generated by our software to create Sport Premium reports. That’s right, we’ll do the heavy lifting for you. Our Impact Reports can be downloaded, published on your website, and sent to parents, governors, and OFSTED inspectors.


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