Healthy Pupils Teaching Platform

A Whole-School Approach to Health and Wellbeing

The mandatory delivery of PSHE was introduced in September 2020 to give pupils knowledge and skills they need to keep themselves healthy and safe. 

The past 12months have disrupted childrens education and that many pupils health and wellbeing have been affected. As part of the Covid-19 recovery plan, we offer schools with a ready-made platform to PSHE delivery, that includes a full programme of study, lesson plans, resources and a home learning App. 

This will save your teachers hours of planning time whilst giving your children the opportunity to develop mindfullness, resilience and the essential life skills required for becoming well-rounded individuals.

Download our Health and Wellbeing Action Plan here.

A Full PSHE Curriculum

Our session plans are supported by a full programme of study that is designed around the 3 core themes set out by the PSHE Association. 

  • Health and Wellbeing

  • Relationships

  • Living in the Wider World

We have included a free KS1 Emotional Wall Chart along with the words and emoji’s below, we have a huge library of lessons and resources to further develop your children’s emotional intelligence. 

Download and use our PSHE Programme of Study

Supporting your pupil's wellbeing at home!

To make a positive impact on the lives of the pupils and their families, we have created a Total Sport App. The App is school branded app provide the children with activities to do at home, contributing to the recommended 60minutes of activity a day, but will also support your children to;

  • Develop Agility, Balance, Coordination, Strength and Flexibility

  • Learn Football, Rugby and Netball sports skills (more to come)

  • Experience Dance and Yoga activities. 

  • Healthy Eating Resources to help improve overall Wellbeing and Fitness

  • Understand Emotional Wellbeing 

This is a perfect solution to keep children engaged at home and great for families to do together.

Embed a Healthy Culture

The Healthy Pupils Teaching Programme provides your school with a huge library of resources to help your school promote and live a healthy lifestyle, including;   

  • Amaven Heroes Resources – posters, games and activities promoting healthy habits

  • Mindfulness Resources with full lesson plans

  • Themed assemblies help create a culture of health and wellbeing

  • Resources for high quality PE, School Sport and Physical Activity 

  • Strategy Documents

Download our Free 'Obesity Strategy Document' here

Promoting Healthy Eating

We recognise the increasing obesity epidemic facing young people and provide schools and families with resources and ideas to allow children to make good choices regarding; 

  • Creating healthy lunch boxes

  • Healthy Foods and the importance of a balanced diet

  • Hydration

Download our 'Healthy Eating Checklist'

Decreasing Sedentary Behaviour

We provide a range of resources that encourage children to lead more active lives and give teachers ideas to create more active classrooms through; 

  • PE Lessons 

  • Dance activities that can be used as refocus activities behind their desks

  • Movement Skills Activities that used in PE or in the classroom

  • Active Assemblies 

Mental Health Awareness & Mini Yo

Our Mental Health video resources that help your children

  • Refocus

  • Stay Calm or regain their cool 

  • Reduce disruptive behaviour

Our Mini Yo activities will also help your children to reduce;

  • Stress

  • Anxiety

Download our Behaving Mindfully Checklist.

Kickstart Days With Our Health Mentors

We can help you embed the Healthy Pupils Programme into the school with one our Kickstart Days; during these days we will:

  • Meet with Subject Leads

  • Deliver an interactive, healthy, assembly

  • Deliver a range of lessons throughout the school including PE, PSHE and Physical Development for EYFS

  • Deliver in class movement activities

  • Host a staff meeting at the end of the day, to introduce benefits to wider staff


Success stories

I have been really impressed with Amaven over the last two years. It has made a massive impact [on] the monitoring and evaluation of PE in our school.
Mr Oliver Crooks
Pupil Activities Coordinator, Horninglow Primary School
Contact Oliver >