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1 in 25 Kids Leave UK Primary Schools 'Severely Obese'

Young Boy Chewing Gum and Pulling a Fierce Face

After twelve months of taxes, bans and noisy rhetoric on the dangers of inactivity, the magnitude of child obesity in the UK is clear to all. At this point, no parent, teacher or policymaker can claim to be unware of the dangers. They're inescapable; dissected in painstaking detail by the media and changing the way we shop, dress, eat, work and play.

Yet, there's a difference between accepting information and acting upon it. With 1 in 25 children leaving primary school severely obese, it's easy to wonder whether we're paying attention. Perhaps we're data-ed out. Maybe the constant streams of obesity facts and figures are turning this health crisis into a nameless, faceless frustration.

To put it another way, in every year six class, one child (on average) is not just unfit but seriously, dangerously overweight. So, if you have a child, they probably know at least one other who is obese. It's a crisis occurring in your communities, your schools, your social groups. It might even be happening in your home.

Dealing with the Dangers of Obesity

The goal is not to demonise but to lay the figures bare. Currently, 22,000 10-11 year olds are at increased risk of diabetes, heart disease, cancer and depression. The number of children described as 'seriously obese' is rising rapidly. These kids face struggles with body image and, often, find it hard to move as skilfully as their peers.

Regardless of who's to blame, growing numbers of children are starting life at a clear disadvantage. But this journey can be changed.

We know that, with changes to diet and physical activity levels, both fitness and motor skills improve exponentially. With consistent monitoring in school, it's easy to identify areas of weakness and ensure children develop a broad range of abilities. Change takes time, it's true, but there's no reason it can't start right now.

Working Together to Find a Solution

Forget the facts. Forget the figures. More than anything, we want our children to grow up happy and healthy. Not defined by a number on a scale. But strong, confident, energetic, speedy, agile and with bodies capable of keeping up with their imaginations.

'Child obesity' is a complex problem. Better health for your children or pupils is simple. Nutritious food. Dynamic movement. Tailored support. Are you ready to get started? 

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