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Make a Success of Sport Premium with Impact Reports from Amaven

Kids Playing Football on a Pitch

We’re galloping through the months right now, with the Easter break just weeks away. Hopefully, you’ve got exciting plans and there’s an egg hunt, family dinner, or weekend excursion on the cards.

Of course, most teachers are kept busy, even during term breaks. This Easter, many will have their hands full with PE and Sport Premium reports.

As part of funding rules, primary schools must publish details of PE spending by April 4th. OFSTED inspectors review these submissions for proof of long term impact.

It means physical literacy gets neatly condensed to a page or two of simple stats. No easy feat, especially for schools unused to monitoring fitness.

It’s why Amaven offers plenty of support at this time of year. Our Impact Reports take the hard work out of evidencing spending. They convert PE grades, assessment scores, and other pupil data into clear cut facts about sport and physical literary at your school.

Tell us about your pupils. We’ll tell you where PE is thriving, where it’s lacking, and how to take it to the next level.

Then, we’ll create a report to be uploaded direct to your website.

Check out the clip below for a sneak peek:

The great thing about our Impact Reports is their simplicity. They can be published with minimal edits, as all data is anonymised. We remove pupil names and other identifiers to ensure reports are ‘OFTSED ready.’

On the other hand, there’s still plenty of room to wax lyrical about new sports, after school clubs, PE CPD, gym equipment, and other positive changes. With the raw data as a foundation, it’s easy to justify spending decisions and highlight the outcomes.

The point is you’re in control.

We just supply the groundwork, so schools can evidence spending in the best way for them.

Impact Reports from Amaven are offered as part of the Healthy Schools Programme. This is an annual subscription service that includes a fitness tracking platform, CPD resources, lesson plans, home activities, and hours of unique video content.

There’s just enough time to book a free trial and get our Impact Reports before the April deadline. We’ll host a fun Challenge Day at your school to collect all that juicy data and turn it into an A* Sport Premium submission.   

If you miss out this year, don’t sweat it. The government says funding will continue in 2019. It means another April deadline (sorry folks), so it’s not too early to get a head start!

Call 0161 300 9172 or email for your free trial.