The Throw and Catch Challenge

Catching is a Fundamental Movement Skill which uses object manipulation, body control, stability and coordination.View more >

Sports Lesson Plans

Amaven encourages schools to teach as many different sports as possible as part of PE lessons and extracurricular clubs.View more >

Move to Improve!

Amaven provides 100s of ways for pupils to develop transferable movement skills that will enhance their adult lives.View more >

Play It Safe on Halloween

Help your pupils stay safe this Halloween by exploring personal safety, stranger danger and situational awareness.View more >

Dance the Funky Fireworks!

To celebrate Bonfire Night 2019, Amaven has put together a fun fireworks themed resource!View more >

Look On the Bright Side

Children aren't born knowing how to persevere. It's our job to teach them about the role resilience plays in success.View more >

Be a Hero, Beat the Bullies

Every year, Anti-Bullying Week is celebrated from 11th of November - 15th of November.View more >

Your Right to Be Heard

Studies link success in adulthood to a strong sense of independence and self-identity in childhood.View more >

Primary PE and Sport Premium Funding

Make sure your school is ready to evidence the impact of PE and Sport Premium spending.View more >