Impact, Evidence, Evolve

Can schools use PE and Sport Premium funding to invest in the Healthy Schools Programme?View more >

Impact Reports for Health and Wellbeing

Use our Impact Reports to identify strengths and weaknesses within your school's health and wellbeing curriculum.View more >

'Twas the Night Before Christmas...

Amaven wishes you a very merry Christmas with our festive poem & accompanying EY PE Lesson Plan.View more >

How to Be Surf Smart & Search Savvy

Mobile devices make staying safe online an important issue for young people of all ages.View more >

Refocusing Activities 2

Mindfulness learning and activities support attitudes which contribute to a happy and successful life.View more >

Celebrate China's Year of the Rat!

Celebrate the Year of the Rat by learning how to count to five in Chinese!View more >

Get Sporty On Schools' Football Week

Schools' Football Week highlights the popularity and potential of the sport when played competitively in schools.View more >

The Hopping Test

Hopping is a continuous rhythmic skill and an indicator of balance and leg strength.View more >

The Sit & Reach Challenge

Flexibility increases range of motion and enables the body to safely tolerate physical impacts, efforts and exertions.View more >