Advance Youth Strength & Conditioning Platform for Cross Country

Supporting Cross Country Coaches and Athletes

The youth strength and conditioning platform has been created for cross-country clubs that coach and support large number of youth athletes.

The Demands of Cross-Country Running

Cross-country running is extremely popular both for young males and females.  For the athletes to perform well, they need to cope with the demands of the sport.  Cross-country running can lead to high training volumes, which may place the youth athletes at risk of non-functional overtraining, and symptoms of burnout, and injury. 

The athletes need an excellent aerobic capacity.  Additionally, there is good evidence that youth cross-country athletes who regularly perform strength and conditioning training, will gain benefits, including 

  • Neuromuscular adaptations 

  • Improvements in relative strength 

  • Tendon function (changes in size and stiffness) 

  • Motor skill development 

Through regular strength and conditioning training that incorporates strength training, power and plyometric drills, this will improve overall performance mostly through changes in running economy – better running efficiency.  Neuromuscular adaptations, improvements in relative strength, and motor skill development will help with motor control/motor performances. 

Pathway to Performance

The youth strength and conditioning platform supports the coach through the four areas of youth physical development and overall performance. 

  • Test, track and monitor athlete's physical development and overall progress

  • A range of strength and conditioning training.  All physical capacities are highly trainable 

  • Monitor and reduce the risk of overtraining, burnout and injury 

  • Athlete readiness, freshness, leading to overall performance 


Test & Monitor Athlete Physical Development

It is highly recommended that we monitor the long-term development of our youth athletes. 

The Youth Strength & Conditioning Software helps coaches to track their athletes 

  • Library of strength and conditioning tests 

  • Upload test scores

  • Analyse test scores for future development 

  • Support and feedback to athletes 

  • Create, share, download athlete reports (individual athletes or teams)

Reduce the Risk of Injuries in Cross-Country Running

The injury rates in youth athletes are increasing, with most injuries being classified as overuse or sport-related injuries. 

A general lack of preparation and high volumes of sports-training (sport practice and competition) can place the youth player at a higher risk of overtraining, feelings of burnout, and sustaining an injury. 

Cross-country running can place youth athletes at risk of sustaining an overuse injury due to higher training volumes.  Unfortunately, injuries in cross-country youth athletes are common, with 52% of athletes reporting an overuse injury (2113 athletes, males and females).  The most frequent body area injured was the ankle, followed by the knee, and lower limb. 

Country-country running demands an excellent aerobic base, but considerations are required around training volume.  Incorporating regular strength and conditioning – strength training, power and plyometric drills will benefit the athletes, especially strength training as improvements in relative strength will help to reduce the risk of lower limb overuse injuries.  

It is recommended that cross-country runners include 

  • Strength training 

  • Power training 

  • Plyometrics drills 

Strength, Speed, Agility, & Plyometric training

The Youth Strength & Conditioning app empowers each youth athlete to regularly perform their strength and conditioning training. 

Strength and conditioning programmes are fully automated to save time.   Each programme consists of a range of exercises, including neuromuscular training.  Athletes can watch the exercise and drills, which demonstrate optimal form and technique. 

Athletes can upload the repetitions, training loads, and effort level, which is synched to the coach’s portal, allowing the coach to analyse training volume and adherence. 

The youth athletes can select from the below training 

Athlete Recovery

The importance of athlete wellbeing and recovery are essential for the growth and development of each athlete. 

To reduce the risk of high-volumes of sport training and competition, overtraining, and feelings of burnout, players can track their wellbeing and overall recovery. 

Created for youth athletes, the youth athletes complete weekly questionnaires that monitor key areas 

  • Overall fatigue level 

  • Muscle soreness 

  • Energy levels 

  • Motivation 

  • Sleep quality and feelings of freshness  


Improve Overall Performance

All sports have a specific demand.  For players to perform they need to be fully prepared and recovered. 

All aspects of the player's training and recovery - strength and conditioning, sports training, sport competition, and lifestyle factors need to be coached, as they are all linked to sports performance. 

As each player grows and matures, their strength and conditioning training and recovery strategies need to develop with them.  This will give each player every opportunity to perform at the highest level. 

CPD & Workshops for PE and Sport Coaches

To accompany our youth strength and conditioning curriculum, we regularly deliver CPD and workshops - professionally endorsed by Active IQ. 

  • Long-term athlete development.  Testing and monitoring progress

  • The role of strength training for youth athletes

  • Plyometric drills for youth athletes 

  • Youth female athlete.  Strength training considerations 

  • Load management 

  • Nutrition for growth and development  


Chose a Plan





  • Up to 50 athletes 

  • Access for 2 coaches 

  • S&C session plans 

  • Test & video library

  • Platform training 

  • Initial set up & support

  • Up to 100 athletes 

  • Access for 3 coaches 

  • S&C session plans 

  • Test & video library

  • Platform training 

  • Initial set up & support

  • Up to 200 athletes 

  • Access for 5 coaches 

  • S&C session plans 

  • Test & video library

  • Platform training 

  • Initial set up & support

  • More than 200 athletes 

  • Unlimited coaches

  • S&C session plans 

  • Test & video library

  • Platform training 

  • Initial set up & support

  • CPD workshops

One consultation with an S&C coach to get you started One consultation with an S&C coach to each month Two consultations with an S&C coach to each month Ongoing consultations with an S&C team

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£150 per month  

£200 per month 

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