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5 ways to top up your monthly personal training income

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Many people wonder how much the monthly salary of a personal trainer is. The truth is, the salary all depends on the trainer themselves and their individual approach to business.

While being a good trainer and getting as many clients as possible is an obvious way to boost your monthly income, there may be obstacles, such as time management and the amount of people you reach, which could be hindering your potential profits. 

Asses your current situation and be honest with yourself about whether you could improve your approach. Do you see clients too regularly, or not enough? Perhaps you don’t have much time to reach out to potential clients and establish new connections. 

Once you’ve identified areas of your service that you could enhance, you can think of creative ways to boost your output. To get you started we have compiled five simple ways that any PT can top up their monthly income. Want expert advice deliver straight to your inbox? Sign up for our email newsletter and we will send you unique articles to develop your own business plan.  

1.Charge for separate classes 

Hold your own exercise classes and reach a new market of customers. Use your fitness knowledge to demonstrate your skills and expertise to a wider audience while simultaneously topping up your income by charging people a small amount to join in. 

If you work in a gym that offers classes for free, then it may be more of a challenge to get the gym’s permission to charge for a class and to convince people to pay for it. One solution is to attract people with a unique and innovative class that they can’t find anywhere else. This will keep the gym satisfied as you are adding more value to the customer’s experience. 

2.Take on more clients by delivering home workouts

We know that you don't have to workout in the gym to get excellent weight loss results. If someone has a busy schedule, feels anxious about exercising in public or wants to stay on top of their finances, then delivering exercise that clients can do at home is an effective way to reach new customers and develop long-lasting relationships. People's reasons for exercising differ, but home workouts that utlise bodyweight exercises and minimal equipment are effective enough to improve strength, endurence, flexibility and weight loss. Progress is powerful, clients are more likely to stay with you if they have evidence of their improvements. By tracking your client's journey, you can provide them with measureable evidence of their success which will retain them for longer. 


Your revenue isn’t going to grow unless your client base does. As we discussed in our previous article, networking is one of the best ways that personal trainers can grow their business by reaching out and getting new clients on board. Make sure to read our full article for six simple ways to include networking in your approach. 

4.Play the long game 

For far too long personal trainers have been focusing on signing up as many clients as possible, which is not an effective long term business strategy. Cultivating a long-term relationship with clients by providing them with a reason to keep using your services will earn you more money in the long run. 

Offering a subscription based service, rather than charging for individual sessions, could also help you to retain clients on a longer term basis.  Discover more information about Amaven’s subscription service here. 

5.Review your pricing

Are you charging clients too little for your services? Or could you be discouraging people with sky high rates? 

Do some research and find out what other personal trainers with the same expertise are charging their clients. Go one step further and conduct your own consumer research by asking friends, colleagues and even clients what they would expect for the price you charge. Don’t be afraid of feedback, as this is what will help you improve and ultimately retain more clients.