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Personal Trainers grow your business with Amaven

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We are officially approaching the launch of Amaven - a personal training and lifestyle management platform that transforms the relationship between personal trainers and their clients. 

We truly believe we’ve brought a game-changing business model to the personal trainer market, empowering personal trainers with the ability to recruit and retain more clients via a low-cost, long-term personal training subscription. We’re replacing costly, face-to-face sessions that are demanding of clients’ time with the choice of a better lifestyle guided by personal trainers and their expertise. 

We’re expecting early adopters to double their turnover in the first six months of use as they are finally given the tool to make the maximum use of their time. 

So how does Amaven work? Let’s break it down. 

The first defining feature is that clients pay a monthly subscription to their trainer rather than book individual sessions. This helps with client motivation, adherence and incentivises a long-term lifestyle change.  

The personal trainer then manages their clients through monthly visits where they assess, progress and design personalised training programmes based around the client’s schedule.  This gives clients the freedom to train in their own time and in their own homes.  

Let’s quickly introduce the lifestyle diary. It helps clients track their day-to-day lifestyle choices: what they eat, what they drink and activities they undertake.  

By regularly encouraging clients to record their moods and feelings throughout the day, the diary helps users understand how the way they feel is affected by what they eat, drink and do. It’s all about reinforcing positive lifestyle choices and encouraging behaviour change.  

The lifestyle diary, along with personalised conditioning programmes, can be accessed via the client’s virtual locker room.  The locker rooms also have a messenger service which acts as a hotline between the PT and their client. 

Amaven’s affordable, accessible personal training service is now expected to appeal to a much wider, non-gym going client base. 

Following some promising trials we have exciting plans to fully activate Amaven for sport NGBs, healthcare providers and schools but, for now, personal trainers are where we’re focusing our attention. 

Expect to see plenty of action across our social media sites and commentary on developments in the health and wellbeing sectors over the coming months, when we’ll start sharing success stories from trainers who are growing their client base and making real, measurable impact with their training.