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Everything you need to know about remote fitness training

Woman doing press up while looking at tablet

Clients consistently find excuses to skip their PT sessions, while some excuses air on the more creative end of the spectrum, a lack of time is the most common reason to miss a workout. Careers, family commitments and social lives take precedence, and people’s fitness begins to slide. 

While modern life dominates our schedules, technology offers a solution that could transform the personal training industry for good and help more people to stay fit and active.  Remote fitness training means that all a client needs to exercise with a top trainer is a smartphone, tablet or laptop and some free space.

Remote training sessions provides clients with the same expertise and instruction as they would during a face-to-face session, without the fuss of having to travel to the gym, exercise in public or battle with complexed machines. PTs can assess their client’s form and technique by watching them via the device, demonstrating the correct form themselves and running through every detail of the exercise plan to avoid injury. Bodyweight exercises can safely build strength, and these moves can be made more challenging through progression, although more advanced clients can work with weights if they have them. 

It’s not just the client who reaps the benefits of remote training sessions, the use of this technology as opposed to traditional face-to-face gym sessions have many advantages for the trainer aswell. Geological boundaries are a thing of the past, this opens the door to train international clients who that you wouldn’t have the usually have the opportunity to. A secure Wi-Fi connection means that gives you access to clients across the globe, as long as you are happy working at some strange times once in a while, you could train clients in China, India and beyond. 

As you can imagine, these bitesize sessions are more time efficient than traditional gym sessions, making them perfect for busy clients who don’t have time to meet but still want the expertise of a personal trainer.  This empowers trainers to work with a number of clients across multiple days and times of the week, therefore increasing their revenue. A flexible approach enables trainers to mix remote training with their usual face-to-face sessions. 

In addition to increasing revenue by gaining more clients, device based training is cost effective for both parties. Trainers can provide it independently and stop paying gym-rental fees and reduce the cost of travelling to see clients, while customers don’t have to pay for a gym membership to receive great training. 

How will remote fitness training work for me?

We predict that remote fitness training will continue to grow, a survey by Neilson Global Consumer Exercise Trends 2014 found that 82% of gym members were also exercising at home. As the demand for personalisation and engagement increases, remote fitness training will surpass fitness DVDs.

The most important aspect of remote fitness training is making it personal for every client, not only do customers want a trainer to engage with them and monitor their technique, they are also hungry for the same level of personalisation.  The issue is, if you have a large number of clients, it can take days to create a truly personalised workout for every individual. While remote fitness training may be saving you time, your extra hours may be going back into manually personalising the workouts. 

Amaven’s system automatically generates a personalised exercise plan for every client in the system, saving you hours of time. Using the results of a fitness assessment which is carried out at the beginning of the program. This provides data about the client’s strengths and weaknesses, highlighting the fitness components that need addressing. Many online programme guess what the client needs based on a series of questions, but Amaven uses accurate measurements and observations to get real data, which is how we can ensure that the client is safe and has a low risk of injury. 

Clients can continue exercising between their remote training sessions by logging onto the Amaven system and accessing their video based exercise plan.  Trainers can follow these up with a monthly remote session, to reassess the client and run through any changes to their exercise plan. 

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