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The war on enhancement drugs

Enhancement drugs

An interesting companion piece to our blog earlier this week, we felt compelled to comment on the astonishing figures reported in The Guardian that claim as many as one in three UK gym-goers use some form of drug or dietary supplement to lose weight.

What's more alarming is that more than one in 20 resort to even more extreme measures, using the illegal stimulant, amphetamine.

Why? The reason, according to research from the University of Hertfordshire, is that many gym frequenters are so ailed by body anxiety and dysmorphia that they'll go to massive lengths to attain what they deem to be an acceptable body image.

Where to start? The availability of these substances is an issue, as is the willingness to use them. But, at its heart, the problem surely lies in gym cultures that facilitate and encourage people to consume potentially harmful substances with the aim of reaching an unrealistic level of performance or body size.

Working with PTs, we understand the satisfaction that comes from seeing a client go through the pain and gain, so it's disappointing enough that people are endangering their health to fast-track their route to fitness.

As an industry we need to lead by example. We need to champion the efforts of individuals who've reached their goals by their own means alone, and show that it's possible for anyone else to get there too.