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Yoga or HIIT… what works for you?

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At a time when dozens of training regimes dominate our Facebook feeds, and trainers and trainees alike swear by their own preferred training methods and diets, it can be challenging to know: what actually works?

We’re not convinced there’s a fool proof answer. In fact, we’re inclined to say “all of them” but, equally, “none of them” at the same time. Cryptic, we know. 

We think the standout success factor for any exercise programme is “does it work for you?” 

Whether you’re committed to a high intensity programme or something a little gentler, is it conducive to your goals? Is it activity that, afterwards, makes you feel energised and awake? Most importantly, are you getting closer to your target weight, your desired waist size or load limit?

Everyone’s destination is different, not to mention our starting points, which means the paths to get there are going to be equally diverse.

We want to champion diversity and individuality, especially when “perfect body” images are skewing what’s attainable for most of us. It’s why we support individual training programmes that can be catered to all ability levels.

If that means an energy burning spinning session one day and a lighter weight day the next, who’s to say that’s wrong if the conditioning that comes from it is what the client is looking for?

We’re going to engage PTs to get their thoughts, and hopefully share deeper insights into what’s popular and why, and if a one-size-fits-all programme really does exist.