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You should be giving your clients a fitness test, here’s why

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What keeps your clients coming back? We conducted our own research and discovered that seeing progress is enough to convince people to continue with a workout plan.

77% of people would only continue to follow an exercise program if they could see evidence of their progress, our research revealed. We also found that women were more motivated than men when it comes to seeing results, while people aged 35-44 were the most likely to continue an exercise plan if they could see evidence that they were progressing, compared to any other age group in the survey. 

If you’re not assessing, you're guessing

These significant results indicate that personal trainers need to be assessing, measuring and giving clients evidence to show how much their hard work is paying off if they want to keep clients for longer.

The trouble is, barely any personal trainers regularly test their clients when they first start training. 

Wants vs needs

Many PTs offer their clients their first personal training session for free, which typically involves the client telling the trainer what they want to achieve. 

However, the majority of people don’t realise that they will never get close to their ideal physique if they don’t address serious issues with their stability, posture and mobility, as well as their strength and stamina. This leads to unrealistic goals and an unhappy client, who will consequently leave at the end of three months when they don't have a six pack. 

The only way you are going to learn what your client needs is through testing and identifying areas of strength and weakness. 

Measure the foundations of fitness 

Scoring high on a fitness test is about more than just how much weight your client can lift, or how long they can run for without getting out of breath. 

By focusing on foundations of fitness including, strength, mobility, stability, posture, speed, stamina, power and skill, you can test for scientific and accurate information about your clients.  

Personalised training plans

It only takes one fitness test to build an effective and personalised plan for each individual client. By addressing fundamental areas that clients can improve on, you will achieve more successful results, which means happier and long-lasting clients in the future. 

Stand out from the crowd

If your sales model consists of offering your first personal training session for free, why not change this into free fitness tests, for life. 

This distinguishes you from the rest, after all how many personal trainers do you know who are carrying out free fitness MOTs? It also encourages clients to use your services again and again, as they continue to progress. 

Sign up today and give your clients a free fitness MOT.