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A Week In Brief - Your Healthy Schools Programme

Amaven's Get Up and Active Yoga Session

This week, we're exploring gentler, more controlled physical activities such as yoga and stretching to help your pupils become habitual movers!

Here's what to look out for this week: 

Free Resource - Sit & Reach 

A video tutorial for our Sit & Reach PE assessment. The Sit & Reach is one of five physical literacy assessments performed by our coaches on Challenge Days. It is a quick and simple way to measure lower back and hamstring flexibility.

> Get it from the Resources page from Monday 24th.

Teacher Resource - Super H and the Secret Spiller 

This original 'yoga story' is a cautionary tale about the importance of trust between friends. Print and use as a worksheet or display on the whiteboard as part of a brain break or active lesson. Each part of the story is represented by a yoga style pose which pupils can use to refocus their minds and bodies.   

> Get it from premium portals and/or wellness bulletins from Tuesday 25th. 

Parent/Home Resource - Stretch Into Sleep 

An animal themed stretching resource that's great for diffusing boisterous energies in the run up to bedtime. Includes 6 slow stretches to unwind and refocus young minds on the importance of sleep. 

> Get it from premium portals and/or wellness bulletins from Thursday 27th.

BRAND NEW CONTENT - New Mini Yo! Videos

Fans of our Mini Yo! sessions will be glad to hear we've added 24 new videos. These short sessions are divided into two categories - 'Get Up and Active' and 'Relax and Refocus' - with sessions designed for both KS1 and KS2. 

> Get new Mini Yo! videos from premium portals from Monday 24th.

New Blog - Want to Help Pupils Learn Faster? Just Add Movement! 

In this week's blog, we find out what education experts are saying about active learning and discuss effective teaching strategies

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What Do I Need to Know This Week? 

The Health of the World's Children Declines

The big story this week is the World Health Organisation's claim that 'NO country in the world is adequately safeguarding the health of its children.' In A Future for the World's Children, the WHO says climate change and poor nutrition caused by 'harmful' marketing practices is threatening the future of young people worldwide.

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Heading Footballs Is Banned in Primary Schools

After years of speculation and concern, the English, Northern Irish and Scottish Football Associations have ALL banned primary age children from heading footballs. New guidelines state there will be 'no heading at all in the foundation [primary] stage.' It is believed heading may still be used in under-16s football but as part of graduated training systems. 

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