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5 Ways to Help Your Employees Diffuse the Christmas Blues

Office desk decorated for Christmas

Whether it’s last minute shopping, stocking up on snacks, or visiting distant relatives, Christmas can be a hectic time. For many, the regular stresses of work and family life are compounded by some rather daunting social expectations.

There’s the food, for one thing. And the alcohol.

What with office parties, big nights out, and an endless array of chocolates and cake, health and wellbeing at work is hardly a top priority. Unfortunately, this creates a perfect storm for self-care. It’s no coincidence reports of depression soar over Christmas and the New Year.

The good news is employers can support staff with simple, mindful actions. It’s worth taking time to nurture your employees because happy workers are hard workers. In fact, studies show investment in health and wellbeing at work leads to increased productivity, reduced absenteeism, and a better mood overall.

If your employees are healthy, the business will follow. So, banish the Christmas blues this year with a little office TLC.

1. Keep an Eye on Office Politics

Office parties are a great way to blow off steam. However, we all know workplaces can be a bit like high school sometimes. Festive games like Secret Santa make sure everybody is involved in gift giving and celebrations, whether they’re new, part time, or just a bit shy. Don’t forget social situations can be a real challenge for some.

2. Time Off Means Time AWAY

Over Christmas, improving health and wellbeing at work can be as simple as respecting the need for space. Unless it’s an emergency or a preapproved action, don’t contact employees during the festive break. After a chaotic few weeks, we all need a chance to rest, be merry, and spend time with our families. Make sure the holidays really do mean time away.

3. Come Back to Healthy Grub

For most, the thought of more chocolate, more sweets, more cheese after Christmas is enough to elicit a groan. So, help employees feel energised by filling the office or canteen with healthy grub. January is one of the toughest times for physical health. Swapping processed and sugary snacks for foods high in vitamins and protein is highly recommended.

4. Start a Fitness Journey

One of the best ways to promote health and wellbeing at work is to start a shared fitness journey. It’s a popular idea in intercity offices because it gets employees excited about eating right and exercising regularly. Challenge the team to go without alcohol, cigarettes, takeaways, or fizzy drinks for a whole month. Pick out some epic prizes for the ones who make it.

5. Conduct Wellness Screenings

As part of your health and wellbeing at work strategy, schedule wellness screenings. Onsite Health Assessments from Amaven are designed to reinvigorate body and mind. Our team visits workplaces throughout January with the aim of helping businesses live better. Every screening is friendly, stress free, and 100% confidential.   

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