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4 Ways to Be a Better Personal Trainer in 2018

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It’s the first week of a brand new year. It’s cold outside. The Christmas decorations have been packed away. And, once again, calories count. January is a tough month for everybody, whether you’re an office worker, teacher, or personal trainer.       

Yet, there’s plenty to be excited about, especially if you work in the health and fitness industries. This month, more than any other, is a time of great abundance for trainers, nutritionists, and wellness experts. Fitness motivation is at an all time high.

The challenge, then, is not attracting clients but holding on to them. If you want to improve your personal training business in 2018, it’s time to get proactive. You’ve got to give clients more than tired talk of New Year transformations. You’ve got to have sticking power.

This week, Amaven looks at how fitness is changing and what personal trainers can do to up their game in 2018.

Embrace New Tech

The fitness industry has an uneasy relationship with technology. Even while it craves digital disruption, it also fears it. Wearables are putting sophisticated tracking tools in the pocket. Mobile apps are giving clients easy access to a personal trainer at home. Today, mentoring comes from a thousand sources.

It’s why personal trainers need to offer more than pep talks and crunches. Fitness tracking companies like Amaven are changing the game by creating custom health and workout profiles for individual clients. They provide unprecedented insight into progress and personal goals. Technology puts clients in full control of their journey.

Increase Hybrid Training

When a personal trainer designs exercise plans, time is a limiting factor. Fortunately, online coaching is a clever way of bringing the personal and public together. It is often referred to as ‘hybrid’ training because it builds fitness plans around the needs of clients. It is also great for supplementing direct sessions, as teaching can be continued at home.

Instead of delivering a workout session at the gym and leaving things there, personal trainers can be a consistently supportive presence. They can offer dietary tips, health advice, and remote mentoring. With the right software, reach and exposure is substantially expanded. If you want to improve your personal training business, make it invaluable.

Confront the Fads

Every January, the news fills up with wacky gym fads and fleeting fitness crazes. For seasoned trainers, the temptation is to scoff at those swapping dependable reps for beer and yoga or lats with cats. However, it’s worth thinking about why clients are attracted to atypical training models. You may learn something about growing your personal training business.

You don’t have to bring your pet to work or host a rave in the spin room. Just think about the thrill factor of your sessions. Forty minutes of intensive core work might drive you wild, but will it leave clients itching for more? Exercise needs to be tough to get results. Yet, there’s no reason you can’t open or close in truly epic fashion.    

Strengthen Your Standards

In 2018, the easiest way to improve your personal training business is with impeccable conduct. Ten years ago, industry qualifications were patchy. Standards varied wildly and, ironically, you didn’t need much in the way of training to call yourself a trainer. Thankfully, things are changing, and clients are demanding much more from their mentors.

It means success comes to those with unshakable ethics. Make personal training more than a job. It should be a passion, a driving force that compels you to learn and evolve. Go to conferences. Connect with local businesses. Keep up with industry news. Turn up to sessions early. Be accessible. Know why you love it and don’t forget.

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