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The Best Way to Lose Weight and Still Have a Cracking Christmas

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It’s just a few short weeks until families sit down to the biggest meal of the year. If you’ve been considering the best way to lose weight, things are about to get tricky. According to a study from Wren Kitchens, the average Brit puts away a staggering 6,000 calories over the course of Christmas Day.

If you’re drooling at the thought of pigs in blankets, crispy roasts, and tender turkey, you’re not alone. There is nothing quite like Christmas dinner. So, don’t feel too bad about sidelining those weight loss recipes.

Commit to healthy routines in the run up to Christmas Day and you can have fun without derailing your fitness goals. It’s all about finding that balance. If you run, lift, juice, or gym regularly, keep it going over the festive period. The important thing is doing what you can. December is a busy month. Shopping, work, and family tend to disrupt fitness and weight loss programs.

However, it’s much harder to relaunch eating and exercise regimes if they’re abandoned completely. So, dial it down. Make it simpler. Or, just exercise when you can. The best way to lose weight over Christmas is to be realistic. Work out little and often. Set achievable goals. Tag a few core exercises onto the end of your sessions.

This guide to festive fitness from Amaven will help you stay trim over the holidays.

1. Say Yes to Shorter Workouts

There’s no need for workouts to be a lesson in endurance. In a fortnight, 15 minutes of high intensity exercise, per day, strips 3cm from the waist. If you’re busy, shorten your sessions. It’s more important to go hard every time. Don’t forget to stretch properly before HIIT for a safe, effective session.

2. Make It a Time to Maintain

The best way to lose weight over Christmas is to stick with what works. Save the ambitious diet plans and training regimes for January. The focus should be on maintaining a healthy routine. That way, getting back to full fitness won’t be a nightmare in the New Year.    

3. Get Active in the Morning

One easy way to double your gains is to work out on an empty stomach. Evidence suggests exercising in the morning, before breakfast, helps the body burn twice as much fat. Also, you’re more likely to find time in the morning than at the end of a long, tiring day.

4. Something Always Beats Nothing

Some exercise is infinitely better than none. Stop lamenting that third mince pie. You can’t take the triple cheese pizza back. What you can do is get up and go for a walk. Dig your trainers out and jog through the park. Take a bike ride to the corner shop. It’s not about what you haven’t done. It’s about what you’re doing now.      

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