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Are you able to measure the impact of Sports Premium funding?

Physical Literacy attributes

Having the ability to measure and report pupil progress is key to improving standards in schools, yet according to Ofsted, few school are actively measuring Physical Literacy and reporting the real progress of their pupils.

As pressure from the Government and campaigners to get the most out of Sports Premium funding increases, schools must develop ways of reporting the physical activity and progress of their pupils to remain accountable. Amaven provides school leaders and sports coordinators with the tools to track, measure & report every pupil’s progress.


The National Child Measurement Programme recommends that schools measure their pupil’s height and weight in KS1, then again at KS3. Unfortunately this approach does not encourage children to develop positive habits that will stick with them for life. By using Amaven's tests to measure every pupils Physical Literacy on a regular basis, teachers can spot higher achievers and children who may be falling behind.


Amaven's reporting software measures the individual abilities of every child



In October 2014, Ofsted published a report which concluded that the processes schools have put in place to monitor and evaluate pupil progress are not vigorous enough. It is safe to assume that Ofsted will be placing renewed focus on how school leaders report the physical progress of their pupils. Amaven provides a full reporting suite to meet and exceed current requirements. You can generate an up to date report at any time for each pupil, class and whole school.

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