Primary Schools

At the moment it’s free !

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We’re on a major drive this month to get Amaven into schools around the UK and so, in the coming weeks, we’re prepared to offer it to any primary school who’d like to trial it for free. No charge, no strings, just please have a go.

This is part of our ongoing pledge to support physical literacy in schools as we work with teachers to provide children with motivation, confidence, physical competence, knowledge and understanding, setting them up for lifelong participation in physical activity and, ultimately, a fitter, better life.

Admittedly, these are lofty ambitions but, then, why not? Each generation needs to support the next and we believe that every child has the right to advance physically as well as mentally.

Our unique online PE resource has been developed to help teachers to deliver quality PE lessons, based on the new curriculum, while allowing them to benchmark and track every pupil’s physical literacy levels, from early years right through to year six, and provide OFSTED inspectors with up-to-date reports.

Amaven gives teachers a readymade schedule of activities and progressive lesson plans including video-based lessons and homework for movement, fitness and understanding. Perhaps, most importantly, it allows teachers to evidence the impact of the lessons and report back to OFSTED. There are built-in tests for tracking improvement and parental log-in so that parents and guardians can access their child’s report and provide help with homework.

It’s a low cost solution but we’re more than happy to offer free trials, in the first instance, as we want teachers to experience the results and proceed with confidence. The proof of the pudding is in the eating and those who have trialed the product to-date have had outstanding results. All the primary school children who took part in the pilot programmes showed an average improvement of almost 30% for balance, co-ordination and physical fitness – and these results were tallied after just one term.

Results and OFSTED aside, let’s not forget how fun physical exercise can be when you’re a child. We’re promoting the fun side and the feeling of pride and exhilaration that comes when you improve at anything.

We’re also unashamedly pegging our colours to the ‘fighting childhood obesity’ mast. We can’t police what food children eat outside of school but by encouraging them to indulge in exercise we’re getting them to address their health in a positive way, focusing on what they should do rather than what they shouldn’t.

If you are a head teacher, a class teacher or a school PE co-ordinator, please get in touch. We want to create the minimum amount of work for you with the maximum results and, at the moment, there’s no demand on your budget, so let’s talk.