Primary Schools

Developing a Healthy Lifestyle

Smiling child holding a water bottle

Public Health England recommends that all primary aged children complete at least 60 minutes of physical activity every day. Yet despite this recommendation, many children do not get enough exercise and suffer the consequences as a result. It is imperative that we take action, starting with a renewed focus in children’s physical education. By putting sports at the heart of our strategy to tackle childhood obesity, we can ensure that children maximise their physical literacy development.

Amaven has been designed to help teachers and parents to make children aware of the importance of physical literacy and to help improve their overall academic achievement. Studies show that healthy pupils are more engaged in lessons, and attain better results. By encouraging children to take an active interest in sport, nutrition and motivation, and keeping track of the progress we will see an improvement in all academic subjects (not just PE).

So how can you increase participation in school sports?  By assessing pupils and delivering tailored PE lessons we can work on both their strengths and weaknesses. Our programmes will help to teachers to build confidence in pupils to do better and to participate more in sports they are interest in.